Atheists Plan Anti-God Ad Campaign on Buses,2933,443705,00.html

I don’t know of any aethist group that is pro life…

Can’t the so called pro lifers who back the so openly pro abortion candidates see who they side with?

Atheists don’t think abortion is murder because being against murder comes from a belief in God and atheists are against God.

People who vote for candidates that support abortion are also acting against God.

Ok, I know the atheists are trying to be serious here but I cracked up laughing when I saw what they planned on putting on the busses. They want to put “There’s probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life”. The emphasis on probably is mine. I mean talk about waffling…if you’re an atheist you believe there positively is no God. It’s what the word atheist means-without God. So why the wishy washy.
Myself, personally, I’d be way **MORE ** worried if I thought there was no God.

A little context might help.

There is a body in the UK called the ‘Advertising Standards Agency’ (an independent self-policing body of the Ad industry) and they get cross about the use of things like superlatives and certain types of religious claims (in media advertising - not on boards outside churches for example). This is what, for example, they say about religion:

a) Matters of doctrine or belief should not be expressed as unqualified fact and can only be stated in ways which make it clear to listeners that they represent the views of the advertiser;

The reason I mentioned superlatives is that one of the longest-running advertising slogans (since the 70’s apparently) in the UK is that of Carlsberg Lager’s “probably the best Lager in the world” (the ads are invariably rather clever and humorous in one way or another).

So, these atheist ads are doing two things: keeping within the ASA’s code on religion and playing the ‘probably’ theme of one of the most famous of the country’s advertisers.

In other words, it’s not wise to read too much into the language, you have to appreciate the context.

Thank you for the explanation. That makes more sense now. They may have been more strident in their denial of God’s existence but it seems they were using a marketing tool familiar to the people that would see it. It does help to know the context.Thanks again.

Ah, the irony of being an atheist who fights against God, Who he claims does not exist…

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