Atheists Please Note: Religion is NOT the Cause of Most Wars

Every now and then an atheist will posit the suggestion that religion is the cause of most wars. Well actually this is not the case. In fact the Encyclopedia of War (reference below) suggests that religion can be blamed as the cause of 6% of all wars. If you then look at the fact that Islam has been involved in half that number you soon realise that all non Islamic religions can be accused of causing 3% of wars.

Even when religion is cited as the cause of war e.g. in Ireland between Catholics and Protestants you find that the real reason is often something else. In the case of Ireland the root cause of the war was that one section of the population had more rites than the other.

Phillips, Charles and Alan Axelrod. Encyclopedia of Wars. New York: Facts on File, 2005

and let us not forget. that countries with a policy of atheism, have killed more people in 1 century than all religious conflicts and wars combined throughout history…soviet union, china, north korea…the killing fields of cambodia, brought to you courtesy of pol pot. etc. etc. etc. Peace :slight_smile:

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It is the nature of people with an indefensible position to take umbrage with positions possessing some basis in fact. In doing so, they often utilize fallacies, presupposition, and outright lies in order to compensate for the dauntingly lopsided gradient of evidence. In no situation is this more apparent than the Atheist v. Catholic debate. Even if Ateheism were true (the syntax of that hypothetical feels weird no matter how it’s worded), it could not be proven per se but only deduced by process of elimination - that is, one cannot prove the nonexistence of a thing but only conclude nonexistence based on a dearth of facts. That said, in no brand of theism is there more undeniable positive proof of the existence of any deity than in Catholicism. When the two clash, I just like to sit back and watch the fireworks.

My favorite is when they try to explain Fatima’s miracle of the sun. The pyrotechnics are truly astounding.

Many serious scholars… especially on the Left… have been willing to accept economic factors as the ultimate root of violence for some time now. Its funny how the ideas that were in vogue during the last century (‘Religion causes more division than its worth/causes all wars’ c. 18th-19thc) trickle down to the buffoons of our day. Kind of like poor people handing down tattered clothes.

I often see these claims (‘Religion causes more violence than its worth’) plastered on the online social media of emo-screamo-dweebo types, when they want to casually bash religion. Its just funny that if they wanted to sound witty/risque by making this claim, they’re about 160years too late. :wink:

The Irrational Atheist absolutely destroys the myth that religions cause wars.


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Right. Atheists are totally hypocritical when it comes to pointing fingers on war. Avowed Atheists have the bloodiest of all track records. Most wars are mostly secular in cause. The crusades were a response to Islamic aggression. Hitler told Hermann Rauschnig that he intended “to stamp out Christianity root and branch.” At another time, Hitler said, " We have no sort of use for a fairy story invented by the Jews." Hitler was an Atheist who just used Christianity for propaganda purposes.

As I’ve grown deeper in my faith, I’ve seen less use for war. I was raised, as any American, to think every war the US fought in was heroic and necessary. But, now I find them all to be useless, even damaging - anyone who disagrees with me no doubt will open their objection with propaganda (half-truths).

Religion being the cause of most wars is false. It is a mantra being pushed on our young people. And as Benedict said, communism which killed the most people…has been very successful in covering up its pogroms through the intelligencia of the KGB…which promoted throughout the world that America is the enemy of the world.

There was a young woman debating militant atheists on Newsvine…and she drew a list of secular/civil governments as being the culprit for more deaths of mankind…

“Yes. Yes, I see.” The unflappable Spectator wearing a tweed jacket and clenching a plastic bubble pipe between his pearly-white teeth utters in a distinct, iconic 1920s American accent.

Surely I wouldn’t be crossing any lines by asking what event triggered this embargo on argumentation.

Would that be Catholics, then? They usually have more rites than Protestants.

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It was late here in Australia when I wrote that!:slight_smile:

Just out of curiosity, could you please cite a handful of high-profile atheists making this claim?

I’ve never met a high-profile atheist. To be honest the “religion causes war” statement is usually one of the first things mentioned for me- even in civil, productive conversations with everyday atheists (after brainwashing and magic men ;)).

I’ve been meaning to ask: Does this apply only to threads which include both atheism and evolution, or even just one of the two?

(Most of my favorite threads are about atheism. :blush: )

I will cite probably the most popular person certainly in the last 40years who made the claim that religion causes wars----and further more he popularized this in a song(and it’s anti religious philosphy) to hundreds of millions throughout this world—his little group claimed to be more popular than Jesus Christ…–that man was** John Lennon** of The Beatles fame–may God have mercy on his soul.
From memory his Song is called Imagine----“Imagine there there is no heaven----Imagine there is no religion----I wonder if you can—nothing to kill or die for”----something about the brotherhood of man!!:shrug:
By this song his basic premise was that religion and adherance to it was a cause for war and that if everybody became an atheist then there would be peace on earth and that we would as a result all live “AS ONE” in this vacuum of unbelief!! As G.H.Chesterton said “if we stop believing in something(or someone) we will believe in anything” or something like that.
Others may think of high profile persons in the music and picture industry who have filled the minds of “baby boomers” and the next generation with these empty,mindless nonsense ideas-basically anti-christ followers.They follow the GREAT LIE as Carlos Santana sang “I ain’t got nobody that I can depend on” Well the truth is that we all have Jesus Christ,who is The Way,The Truth and The Life

I’ll ask Jo Monday morning. For the time being I’ll leave it open.
Just keep it charitable, I’d hate to ban someone at Christmastime.

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