Atheists sue to keep 'In God We Trust' off Capitol Visitor Center

"WASHINGTON — A California Republican congressman wants to do a little writing on the walls of Washington’s newest federal building. If Rep. Dan Lungren gets his way, Congress will spend nearly $100,000 to engrave the words "In God We Trust " and the Pledge of Allegiance in prominent spots at the Capitol Visitor Center .

Lungren’s proposal drew only a whimper of opposition last week when the House of Representatives voted 410-8 to approve it. Now, however, Lungren finds himself tussling with a national atheists and agnostics group."

More pointless suing.

It seems reasonable to leave it off the building. I don’t see it serving any pubic purpose that is within the purview of government.

One can almost hear Madalyn O’Hair giggling from her unmarked grave…

Except for the fact that it IS our national motto and our pledge. The visitor’s center is not the seat of government. Also…have you been to DC??? Almost ALL of the older government buildings have some religious carvings on them.

This country was founded by people who believed in God. Many came here to find the freedom to worship how they wanted…not WHO they wanted. Separation of Church and State was a separation from the Monarch being the head of the church and telling them how to practice their beliefs. The visitor’s center cannot eliminate that part of our history. I used to be non-religious, mostly agnostic. I would never have found offense at these things being on the buildings of the capitol.

Oh… and shall we continue with separation of church and state by eliminating Christmas as a federal holiday?:ehh:
(Okay, I know that’s pushing it, but that’s how inane being “PC” and trying not to offend anyone sometimes seems to me.)

Totally agree about the DC part. Pretty much every monument and memorial there has a mention to God.

Let me ponder…didn’t say anything about the ACLU being behind this, but they are sure to show up eventually.:rolleyes:

A crazy waste of money. The de facto national motto was “e pluribus unum” until 1956, when Congress made it “in God we trust” in a Cold War reaction to the atheistic Communists. Many agnostic and atheist citizens object to stamping “in God we trust” on everything. Many religious citizens find it sacrilegous to do so; other religious people are offended by the suggestion that God favors this nation above others.

Given that some are offended, and that we have better things to spend money on, I think we shouldn’t be carving the motto on buildings anymore.

Gah. Good thought, but what a waste of money. God doesn’t need us to say “In God we trust” on our buildings, he already knows it.

Sadly this is just going to cause trouble with agnostics/atheists

Many religious citizens find it sacrilegous to do so; other religious people are offended by the suggestion that God favors this nation above others.

Why would it be sacrilegous to say we trust in Him? Where does it say He favors America most? It doesn’t, it just says we trust in Him.

Thank you!

sun server & oracle sun

Teddy Roosevelt felt it was sacriligeous to put “God” on money, and I am sure many people would agree, but that is perhaps different than this.

I agree that “In God We Trust” does not say that God favors the US, but I know many people who think that Americans believe that God favors the US above other countries. They see things like stamping the motto on everything as part and parcel of this attitude.

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