I have a friend who is an atheist. she is going through a terrible time. her child has autism, which is trying, money is tight, boyfriend just left her. waiting to have a hysterectomy in three weeks. I can’t go see her, she lives in England. I want some way to console her but do not know how. I can’t say “have faith”, she has none.

susan thurman

I’d tell her of your love and concern and that you will pray for her. She obviously knows your faith.

Pray for her lol.

“Faith” isn’t necessarily religion-linked, or something we find outside of ourselves.

How about wishing her to “have faith” in and within herself?
Faith that she will overcome difficulties, that she is a strong person, that she will find ways to survive and be happy and healthy.


You should just tell her that you love her and you are there for her.
And i’m very sorry that her boyfriend left her (is he the father?). Sometimes I have the feeling I could do something to men who leave someone with a child…

she can still have faith that everything will turn out alright cant she?

I would tell her the truth as charitably as possible. I would let her know that God’s existence doesn’t depend on her faith; that he is an all-powerful and loving God and that you are going to ask him to help her and bring her peace.

To tell her to try and find strength in herself, or to just “hope” that things will turn out okay will leave her empty because that is not where the answer is. We have a real God who loves her and she needs to know that.

That your sorry for what she must be experiencing and that she is in your thoughts and hopes.

It has been my experience that even non-religious people appreciate it when I tell them that I am praying for them. Praying is seen as thoughtful thing by most people unless the person is an atheistic fanatic that hates any mention of religious connotation. Prayer is usually seen as the religious version of sending good thoughts or vibes to someone. :slight_smile:

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