Athiests: Are you afraid to die?

I don’t ask for any, ‘What if you’re wrong?/You’re going to Hell,’ but just to know that whoever you are and whatever you know will stop? That everything you know will end? Does it scare you that this is it no matter what you do? Not so much that it all ends in nothing, but that you wont even know that it is over?

No. I guess it will feel pretty much like before I was born. As far as I remember that wasn’t unpleasant in any way.

Reverse the Question and think what if your wrong and there is no Hell or God etc…
Wouldnt you feel silly wasting your live on love and hate for nothing…
I’m not an Athiest but i’m sure that would be thrown back at you…

Not really whiteknite…

When a person dies and finds out it was all a lie (heaven/hell/God) it would not matter as their reasoning ability is dead as well. It was as if they never existed in the first place.

As for me, I am sure glad that I found God and believe in heaven, because the thought of dieing to NOTHINGNESS is to horrible to imagine.

Ty you just answered the OP’s question for everyone…
Dont matter if your Religous or not, No 1 will remember once your dead…:slight_smile:

I consider the idea of existing forever in monotony a much more hellish prospect.

To answer the question, Im not afraid to die, though perhaps a little afraid of dying slowly.:smiley:

Monotony seems to imply an awareness of the passage of time. That is not Catholic understanding.

I agree with your last sentence…:smiley:

Was I afraid for the unimaginable number of years when I did not exist? Should I be afraid of that? My intellectual mind says no.

Of course, part of me is afraid of death. I imagine that’s the natural survival instinct, as a product of evolution. (It is advantageous for life that creatures be afraid of death, therefore those creatures that are afraid of death tend to live longer than those who are not.)

How is it horrifying? What is there to fear in oblivion?

No more ribs and butter-pecan ice cream. Or cheesecake…I can go on

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