Athletes admit sex is part of the Olympic spirit

This is just so sad - to know that such behavior is (unofficially) endorsed at this event where so many wonderful young people have given their lives to their sport.

I guess I’m naive - maybe I just didn’t want to think it would be like this - but it’s really disapointing and pretty much tarnishes the event a bit for me.



Well it’s a pity about the inaccuracies in the article

Kriss Akabusi, a veteran of the Los Angeles and Barcelona Games, also felt staying at the Village was a vital part of the Olympic experience.
“You know you’ve arrived when you get to the Village. The best of the best are there and everything is available for your needs,” she said…

I’m sure that Kriss Akabusi would be most interested in his gender realignment surgery !

If their researcher can make an elementary error like that , I’m not sure I would place a great deal of reliance on their other findings.

Sure there will have been plenty of Athletes etc there who are having casual sexual encounters - you really cannot , sadly , expect anything else now .

Sad but true.

When the human body is developed optimally, all it’s functions strengthen, including that one. And it only makes sense that youths in the height of physical condition and public admiration would make the most of it.

IMMT that the classical Olympics were right not to have males and females competing together. They understood the human body, if not as scientifically as we do. And they knew better than we that sexual liberty is NOT altogether desirable.


Sad, but someone could participate in the games and be moral. The Olympic Village is probably no worse than a college campus on a Friday/Saturday night.

Lolo Jones is 30 years old and a virgin - she has gotten lots of taunts that if she had sex, she wouldn’t have lost her last hurdle race.


Indeed, quite true:

Fame and unpopular decisions don’t mix, I guess. Alas…


So essentially (aside from Juliane), you all seem to think that this is all perfectly ok and normal! It’s hormones, it’s what young people do, athletes at their peak ------ sorry, I call BS.

Why isn’t the Olympic Committee trying to keep athletes safe (there have been zillions of studies to show that casual sex is dangerous in many ways), and to promote an environment of higher morals and standards? They will jump over themselves to ensure that the athletes are drug free and every possible ethical aspect is addressed when it comes to keeping the events fair and untainted. And yet they hand out condoms freely and turn a blind eye to rampant sex?

A lot of these athletes are minors. They are treated as adults because they are functioning in a very adult situation. If sex is really happening as described in the article, you can bet that the younger of the athletes are being exposed to it. I’m sorry, but I have a major issue with that.


At the Vancouver Olympics, “health officials” distributed 100,000 free condoms to the olympians. They ran out after 5 days and needed a new shipment to be sent in.

It’s staggering.

It’s normal (I suppose), but I definitely do not think it’s okay (and certainly don’t support it). I say “normal” in the sense that it is the norm for the majority of the population (of which Olympic athletes are a subset).



I agree. The amount of falling-down drunk behavior that college towns see on a weekend has to rival anything a similarly-sized Olympic Village might experience. Not right but also not exactly news I’d say.

I think you’ll find that the “normal,” as in happens a lot, has support but the “perfectly ok” does not.

It’s a terrible thing. But our culture has, as a whole, lost sight of that and so it happens. If the Olympic committee doesn’t try to put a stop to it, it’s because they’ve also fallen victim to the rather stupid ideas of the age or because they don’t have the courage to face the taunts they’d get for going against it.

I prefer to focus on these stories:

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*]Athletes Putting Christ 1st with Daily Mass in Olympic Villiage

Didn’t say it was okay. Just said it was sad, but probably not worse than what goes on around us all the time. The minors could easily be part of the 25% not engaging in the behavior.

I don’t think the Olympic Committee cares one way or the other about the extra-curriculars whether they are sex, booze, partying, gambling, etc.

And it really isn’t up to them to enforce anything.

Bravo and amen to all the athletes and staffers that go ALL OUT for their faith and their sport.


I thought this was more well known. They have been distributing free condoms since 1992.

I agree. I’m no sports fan so haven’t watched even a minute’s worth of the Olympics, but it is most encouraging that there are enough participants who put a duty to God above some duty to win a medal, though that’s good.

I just want to point out that the “75%” figure was just a number thrown out by one Olympian as an anecdotal observation. I don’t think we should take it at face value. Lots of things can seem all-pervasive even if they really aren’t.

Good point. That though actually crossed my mind, especially a statement coming from Michael Phelps…amazing swimmer, not the best role model.

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