Athletes to Admire

I thought this was really cool. Not just that Hunter puts his family first, but that Scioscia (the Manager) mentions his children’s first communion something of importance in his life. It’s this subtle hints of sharing the faith that I really like.

“You miss so much – the birthdays, communions, little plays,” Scioscia said. “When one of your kids graduates high school, it’s a special occasion.”


Nice story. I was never a Scoisca fan, but love T. Hunter. Now I will be less critical of Sciosca. :thumbsup:

I know the the lefties Tom Glavine and Jamie Moyer and rightie Jeff Suppan are Catholic. Also Catholic Mike Piazza is a Catholic too.

I wonder what is the religion of Greg Maddux and Randy Johnson.

Sean Elliot, the Spurs great who is now a broadcaster, is Catholic. Both Tony Parker (Spurs guard) and Tim Duncan (Spurs power forward) married Catholics. I am not sure, but, I think that Spurs guard Manu Ginobili is also Catholic.

The Spurs, as a whole, are an admirable bunch. You don’t seem them get into the shenanigans that have plagued other NBA teams. :thumbsup:

David Robinson was my favorite player when I was a kid. I love the Spurs now, too.

Jamie Moyer and Piazza are great as well.

I forgot about Tim Lincecum, the stoner, who is also Catholic. Also I learned today that Clayton Kershaw is a Christian.

World class soccer player Gabriel Heinze of Argentina has been described as a devout Catholic

I’m sure everyone has heard of Grant Desme. He was a top prospect for the Oakland A’s who decided to become a priest.

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