Atlanta Archdiocese tells parishes to end support for Komen

The Archdiocese of Atlanta has directed its parishes, missions and schools to end support or participation in activities related to Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Good to see the Atlanta Archdiocese standing up to Koman for their support of Planned Parenthood!!

Good stuff.
Very good stuff indeed.

However, I do think it is a little ridiculous how you have the Archdiocese saying “this is an occasion of scandal” and then critics responding: “this letter is mean-spirited”. I would go out on a limb that they probably don’t care about incurring the sin of scandal very much if they’re going to criticize it as “mean-spirited”. I mean really? That’s what y’all care about?

Hats off to Archbishop Wilton Gregory :tiphat:

Any relationship between Planned Parenthood and Komen “goes contrary to our religious beliefs,” she said.
Others disagreed.
“I think it’s bad,” said Norcross resident Brigitte Craig, who was raised Catholic in her native Germany but is no longer active. “Human freedom is No. 1. … It’s hurting the women who need Komen.”

I guess there’s no human freedom for babies in the womb.

I think the criticism is coming from non-Catholics, so it stands to reason they don’t mind causing scandal (in the Catholic sense of the word) by criticizing the Archdiocese.

All US parishes should end support for Komen. Komen is supposed to be fighting the fight to stop breast cancer yet they are funding Planned Parenthood when many studies show there is a correlation between breast cancer and abortion

I don’t think you guys are seeing the big picture. If Vatican really wanted to end abortion, it would a long time ago. Some low-level official taking half-measures against it, how is that going to work? I don’t find it plausible that Vatican is REALLY anti-abortion, they have been practicing infanticide for centuries now. They have the power to elect/remove presidents, fund wars etc., yet they can’t defeat abortion? I don’t buy it, it’s a case of doing one thing and saying the other

I think it’s sad that Catholics need a letter from the Archdiocese to figure this one out ! How about a well developed Catholic conscience ( based on Church teachings )? Whatever happened to living our “faith” ? There are many teachings of Christ that are simply not-negotiable. ie. the Ten Commandments . They are called " commandments " for a reason. Notice they’re aren’t the " 10 Suggestions " !

Good for Archbishop Gregory. Obviously he feels there are Catholics who need to be reminded of the tenets of their faith.


This is an interesting news article to me.

I coach cross country at a Catholic school and our team is slated to compete in a race run by a local school that will give all proceeds to Komen. I’m going to ask that we just directly donate to another breast cancer research group.

It’s really sad and absurd that Komen was co-opted into being a funding source for PP. Komen was founded to 100% focus on breast cancer prevention and research. PP spends 0% of their direct programs on breast cancer research and prevention.

How did they ever get into bed together?


Archbishop Gregory is one of my favorite Bishops. He combines a good sense of pastoral care and a strong fidelity to the Church. A real class act and a model US Bishop.

Good for him for taking this stand.

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