Atlanta area students arrested with stolen gun in school

The story is still developing but apparently up to 3 students may be involved in a plot to ‘do harm’ in an Atlanta area school with a stolen gun. Police also found 2 other stolen guns in one of the student’s homes, those guns had apparently been stolen from another student’s home. 2 guns were identified as ‘assault’ rifles (one was a semi-auto AK47, the other is actually a Ruger Mini-14 Ranch Rifle) and the gun found inside the school was a handgun.

I don’t understand some parents. The laws state that we, as parents, cannot allow minors to have unrestricted access to any firearm. Obviously these kids had access to the gun safe, gun cabinet or other gun storage area. We have guns in our home, some of those guns belong to my 14 year old daughter, she, however has no access to them (doesn’t know the safe combo). So what is wrong with these parents that they allow their kids access to the guns? And what is wrong with these kids that they wanted to commit ‘harm’ to fellow schoolmates/teachers?

Its a very sad world we live in today.

Police arrest 2 Ga. students, find gun in school
1 hour ago
WOODSTOCK, Ga. (AP) — Two students are in custody, three guns were seized and a suburban Atlanta school was locked down after authorities were tipped that a student planned to bring guns to school.
Cherokee County Sheriff’s Sgt. Jay Baker says police locked down the 2,300-student Woodstock High School for two hours Thursday morning.
Baker says the two students were arrested not long after the lockdown began. He says one gun was found in a school bathroom and two assault rifles and ammunition were found in the home of one student.


Police: Teen hid gun in school ceiling, planned 'harm’
Police took a 17-year-old male student into custody at Woodstock High School and found a handgun he allegedly brought to school and hid in the bathroom ceiling, CNN affiliate WXIA-TV reported.
. . .
Two other students, ages 15 and 16, were also arrested, Garrison said. Baker said the two older suspects allegedly stole the weapons from the youngest suspect’s home.


Before his baseball career, Joe Pepitone was shot in the stomach in school by a high school classmate using his father’s handgun. In Brooklyn, in the fifties.

Plus ca change …

Too bad parents are still stupid after 50+ years. :frowning:

I was maybe fourteen I ran into the house grabbed the .410 shotgun and a box of shells and ran back outside the old man was sitting there sucking on a brew he looked at me and said nothing.

He knew I wasn’t going to shoot a person. It was still winter time I seen some rabbits out in the woods we had rabbit for dinner that night.

I’ve been shooting since I was eight-years-old my father drills into us boys always think a gun is loaded and never, ever point a gun at a person. I don’t even think there were laws on the books about kids having access to guns back then I’m talking about 1970.

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