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Hi - I will be traveling to Atlanta soon and would like go to confession while there. Does anyone know a solid parish or priest they might recommend? By “solid” I mean orthodox, or just good confessor, not liberal/progressive style. Note: anyone who thinks it doesn’t matter which priest or parish you go to, no need to reply. If you’d rather PM me, please do so. Thanks in advance for any advice or suggestions.

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There is an FSSP parish in the area. Perhaps that will work for you?


Atlantan here, and it’s a biiiiiiiiig metro area. Perhaps you could be a little more specific about the part of Atlanta you’ll be in (i.e., Midtown/Downtown, Northeast, Northwest, Airport area)? That can help fine tune some recommendations.

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For a southern city, Atlanta’s Catholic population is actually comparable to that of a Midwestern City, I am sure you will find something. I live much closer to Augusta than I do to Atlanta though, I’m sure you’ll find what you are looking for.

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Try to find a parish that offers daily confessions most of them are orthodox. Where I’m from I go to the Oblates of the Virgin Mary they are very orthodox and there masses are chanted in Latin. They have daily confessions try to see if the Oblates are down there if not then just find any church with a daily schedule for confession

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Thank you very much everyone for answering and advice. I was able to make the confession.


Where did you go

I second this. I’ve been to the Atlanta FSSP several times for confession. Their parish is in Mableton (Cobb County), western suburb of Atlanta, not far from Six Flags. Quiet residential area. Please try to go there.

Forget the name - somewhere in Atlanta.

I will keep that in mind for the future - thank you very much.

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