Atlanta Eucharistic Congress


Anyone go to the Eucharistic Congress in Atlanta?

I didn’t make it to the activities during the day but got there this evening before Mass. It was my first time and now I’m sorry that I have skipped it in years past.

Consecrated religious were everywhere. Dominicans and Carmelites and Franciscians and Benedictines. I even met two of the Cistercian monks from the Monastery of the Holy Spirit here in Georgia. And so many priests, many of whom were in cassocks, and deacons, and four Bishops! Archbishop Gregory, Auxiliary Bishop Zarama, the Bishop of Tuscon and a visiting Bishop from Vietnam. Catholics everywhere, in the heart of the south, and I saw license plates from Missouri and Kentucky.

This was such an amazing day for me and I only got there about an hour before Mass and stayed for an hour after.

Anyone else go?



[quote="TimothyH, post:1, topic:287449"]
Anyone else go?


Sounds like it was amazing! Wish I could have gone, but I'm up here in New England.


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