Atlanta Trip


DH & I are going on a business trip to Atlanta in Mid July. We will be staying downtown on Peachtree at the Ritz.
We are going to be BUSY all day, although are looking for things to do in the late afternoon or evening. Prefer things that are relaxing and close to the hotel (short cab ride is fine). We will not have a car with us on this trip.
Any suggestions???


A close Church for Sunday would be great also.


I dont know much about Atlanta (I have only lived in Savannah and Athens). But you have GOT to eat at the Varsity! They have the best chili dogs there!:thumbsup:


If it were me,I’d have tickets in hand to see a Braves game!


DH is a chili dog fan so he will be happy to hear about that.
From Altanta’s touist website I think the only thing that has really popped out to me that would be fun (yet relaxing) to do is their aquarium. I am a sucker for aquariums though. I went on a return trip to Boston just to go back to theirs!

[quote=JennBob]If it were me,I’d have tickets in hand to see a Braves game!

I am not a baseball fan. DH again would probably enjoy it. Guess we will have to see if they are in town while we are there.


Tour CNN, Coca-Cola headquarters, Olympic Centennial Park, Aquarium…
Have fun!


As far as churches go, in or near downtown you have your choice of

The Catholic Shrine of the Immaculate Conception

Sacred Heart

Both of these are beautiful, historic churches.

About 10 minutes north of downtown, in Buckead, is the Cathedral:

Cathedral of Christ the King


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