I am in Atlanta this week and part of next week for a convention. (my first time here)

I just have to say that the people in Atlanta are the nicest people I have met!!! Everyone says β€œHi!!”, and are actually friendly about it!! :smiley: If you stand in one place for more than a minute, they will start up a conversation with you and seem genuinely interested.
So :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: for Atlanta :smiley:

I guess I am just used to Chicago where everyone just looks straight ahead and is walking as fast as they can to get away from a tourist :stuck_out_tongue: (I do love Chicago also)

During the week it has been all convention work :frowning:
This weekend we are going to being doing the fun touristy stuff. DH has his heart set on the CNN tour :confused:

Welcome to the South!!!

We are friendly.

I like Atlanta. There is some fantastic food there.

Welcome to Atlanta!!! I remember one time I was holding the door open for a young lady (I was about 25 at the time) while I was at work (I used to work for a Budweiser distributor before I went back to school to become an accountant; man I miss that job:D ) and she gave me the most confused, stink-eye look until I gave it right back and she realized, β€œOh, that’s just what people do here without an ulterior motive.”:yup:

One of my sisters-in-law is from Chicago and she never stops mentioning how much better it is there. She can be a nasty, mean, vindictive, selfish person and has often made me think, β€œI’m pretty sure that they kicked you out of Chicago!”:rotfl:

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