According to this Catholic Answers youtube post:

Atonement by Jesus - An infinite debt is being paid by our Lord.
“One mortal sin requires an infinite payment.” according to Tim Staples.

My question is: if there was No incarnation. If we were all damned to hell how does our finiteness as human being even if the punishment was eternal be sufficient punishment for us??? Because an infinite payment from an infinite source (the Incarnation of God - in Jesus Christ) is required for reparation.

IT would not be sufficient my dearest friend, it would not be sufficient, God too would be damned .

That was the devil`s aim other than to be worshipped by God, was to damn everyone.

Now its just pickings, due too false beliefs of mans own desire, " TRY Too "hear the lord not summize … " Take care " … : )

I struggle with the statement that ‘An infinite debt is being paid by our Lord.’

He, our Lord paid the debt once and for all and is now seated at the right hand of God. He is not continuously paying our debt. It’s been done already. Praise God!

People are mortally sinning right now. They go to confession and are forgiven. His sacrifice paid of that sin once and for all. But that sin is not forgiven unless confessed at time x.

Only Our Lord’s sacrifice could pay the debt we humans owe to God because of Adam’s sin.

So how can punishing a finite being be “enough” punishment even if it is eternal i.e. hell?

When we die, we stop changing. If we die rejecting God, we continue to do so in death eternally. People who go to hell don’t repent.

Also, I think we have to be wary about how we consider time in this situation. Our normal experience with time may not apply, which may be why we can’t change ourselves after death.

Or so goes some thoughts on the subject.

Let me clarify this again.

People go to hell and are punished forever. Why not at some point do they stop suffering? One can say because they reject eternally God their punishment must be eternal. Sure. But can their punishment be enough even if it is eternal? Do they receive enough punishment? Because our Lord Jesus Christ -God- had to suffer and die for us to save us.

Finally not related to this: Scott Hahn says the sacrifice is once and for all but it is being perpetually offered:
24min mark.

You are right, Jesus suffered and died for our sins, but the time he actually suffered here on earth was fairly short, maybe a few days, from the time of his arrest up until he died on the cross…this is not a significant amount of time, (I watched my grandmother suffer every single day for over 20 years with a bone disease until she died, she would have jumped at the chance to suffer for just a few days!)

Point is, comparing the suffering Jesus went thru with what the soul of a person in hell goes thru for ETERNITY, is something else entirely.

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