ATT: Lovers of Gregorian Chant! Can you advise?

Hello all.

I am looking for something that may not even exist, but I hope that if it doesn’t some of you may be able to suggest a suitable solution.

Has anyone here ever seen or owned a collection of Gregorian Chant CDs that follows the liturgical cycle and would permit you to use them in an evening prayer or other para-liturgical setting in lieu of actual singing of the chants?

Until now I have only seen one-or-two-CD collections which have samples of chants for major feasts of the year, such as Easter and Christmas, or the Assumption etc. I would like to find a full collection that would permit me to use them as recorded accompaniment for prayer on feasts and during ordinary time as well, if such an extensive collection even exists!

Thanks in advance for any help or advice you might be able to offer!


If you are intending to use them for Evening Prayer, then this would be inappropriate. Evening Prayer is part of the Liturgy of the Hours and is considered Liturgy just as Mass is. Thus, the use of pre-recorded music is not allowed.

That being said, it would be completely impractical for anyone to produce such a collection. There is just too much variation in the current Liturgy of the Hours to provide a complete anthology of Chant. It would be difficult to produce and organize and prohibitively expensive, both for the producer and for the consumer.

Some guys in the schola I chant in said that Angelus Press has the entire Liber Usualis on CD. They said the entire set was over $300.

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