Att Lurtherans: Info please?

Generally speaking, does the concept of mystics and mysticism exists withing the Lutheran understanding of spirituality?

I ask because my beloved step-father (of joyful memory) passed in Jan. And sometimes I get the sense he is trying to get my attention?

The specifics dont matter. Just curious about what Lurtherans are taught and what they beleive?


Not much mysticism that I am familiar with. That said, we strongly believe that the saints in Heaven pray for us, though asking their intercession for us is not part of our tradition. There have been times since my dad passed over 20 years ago that he seems present.


There is an important difference between mystics and mysticism on the one hand, and occultist and new age spirituality on the other.

I don’t entirely agree. The practice of invoking the saints is not common among Lutherans though things like the Angelus are prayed in Lutheran monasteries, seminaries, for example.

Here is a comment from Martin Luther on the subject:

  1. The most important statement from Luther comes in his “Confession Concerning Christ’s
    Supper” where he writes: “As for the dead, since Scripture gives us no information on the subject,
    I regard it as no sin to pray with free devotion in this or some similar fashion: ‘Dear God, if this soul
    is in a condition accessible to mercy be thou gracious to it.’ And when this has been done once or
    twice, let it suffice.”320…61451;

Yes. Lutheran mystics exist.

Check out Jakob Böhme.

Hi EC,
The quote you gave is in regards praying** for** the dead. The invocation of saints is praying to the saints requesting their intercession.


Ok, I see your point. But also keep in mind that Lutherans do invoke the blessed Virgin Mary to pray for us; Martin Luther prayed the rosary daily.

It isn’t typically within our tradition to invoke the saints for intercession. The confessions are pretty clear on the reasons why: *But since neither a command, nor a promise, nor an example can be produced from the Scriptures concerning the invocation of saints, it follows that conscience can have nothing concerning this invocation that is certain. *

That said, if one is certain regarding it…


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