Attach Medals to Rosary

Hi all,

I was just wondering if any of you are in the habit of attaching medals of different saints to your rosary?

My favorite and most well used rosary, which is one of those unbreakable rosary types thats like triple wrapped and all, and black onyx, goes with me everywhere and I like to attach medals to it of different saints sometimes.

I was wondering if y’all do that to and where you attach the medals to your rosary.

I’m at a dilemma right now because I would usually attach one after each of the first two Our Father beads but now I want to add a third medal to it and I just don’t know where to put it.

Thank you!

Why, yes I do.

My rosary is my most precious item to me. More precious to me than my house, my car or any other possession. It has been dipped in the Galilee, laid on the tomb of Jesus, and where He was born, every other sacred site in the Holy Land including Jordan and Israel, several saints’ tombs, including many in the Vatican catacombs, Knock in Ireland, Medjugorje, and in Assisi, St. Francis’ tomb, the reliquaries of St. Therese of Lisieux, and many others, including St. John Bosco, St. Vincent de Paul, and Catherine Laboreau. The medals include a relic of St. Francis, and a medal that laid on the tomb of Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta and a blessed Miraculous Medal that came from Rue du Bac. I do not take this rosary wherever I go, because if I lost it, I would be heartbroken. It’s the one by my bed and I take it with me when I go on pilgrimage.

I have no idea who will get this rosary when I am gone. That’s the sad part. I actually brought my husband’s grandfather’s rosary with me to Mass this morning and it broke. I will have to get him to fix it. Barring that, I will perhaps use the crucifix from that rosary (which is a reliquary) to this rosary.

Yes, I do as well. I think that it is a beautiful practice. I found an old sterling silver rosary at a Church bazaar that used to belong to a Nun or a Priest, it is beautiful and from France. I attach all sorts of vintage medals that I can find of my favourite saints.

It is nice to have the medals on the rosary as a reminder that you never pray alone and that you can ask for the help of the Saints in praying the rosary better and even ask them to pray it with you! And it add a bit of personalization to one of the most important sacramentals in the church.

Hope I helped you out! :slight_smile:

Wow that is amazing. I only wish that someday this precious rosary of mine can be a relic of such wonderful places, people, and things like yours. Mine has been touched to 6 first class relics of different saints and has a relic medal of Venerable Pope Pius XII on it as well as a medal that my uncle brought back from Medjugorje.

I would say that your rosary sounds like it has been through a lot and it means a ton to you and your family. That is wonderful. I only wish I could one day receive a special rosary like that used by one of my ancestors.

God bless!

What kind of Rosary beads are they, by the way? Just curious…

Wow, your rosary has been around. I would love to visit some of those places especially the Holy Lands. I’m not wealthy enough to travel abroad much but was thinking of doing some mission work after I retire if I’m still healthy.

The image is of my rosary (brown) and my sisters (black) at the Sea of Galilee. The link is to a blog of my journal while in Jerusalem and Galilee. Lots of rosary pictures :slight_smile:

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