attachment to sin

I want to be a saint . Sell all you have and come follow me? I have a nice house, pension. I’m comfortable. I’ve access to books . I have lots of food, alcohol, heat, clothes. Physically I have all I need…and more.
I’m attached to much of this. Where’s my soul?

God most likely is not calling you to sell all you have in order to follow Him?

Where would you live without your house? Where could you go naked?

Well, I’d recommend starting like this. You go through your place…look at, say, your clothes. Pretend you’re moving, like the advice in the book, “Clutter’s Last Stand”, and start getting rid of stuff you are NOT using.

Look at the clothes. If you haven’t used something in 5 years, donate it to somewhere…with, say, homeless people, refugees, whatever, or to maybe Goodwill which sells those to people, often poor, and uses the money for their many programs.

Next, look at all your stuff…what haven’t you used in 3 years? What haven’t you used in a year?

I’ve used some of this advice, and you know, one unanticipated effect of trying to give away some stuff was that cleaning suddenly became a snap!

I’ve seen people have entire buildings full of junk! They’ll have clothes their kids wore when they were little but aren’t even going to use ever again! Give that away!

You know…when I came to Mexico, I didn’t have a car. People were saying to get a car. I answered, “What do I want with a car? I live in the city! In fact, a car would actually be in the way!”

People wanted me to go out and buy a TV. I said, “Why? I don’t need one! I never watch TV!” When I did have a TV, people told me, “Get a plasma!”

This trend of getting a house…bigger house…car…bigger car…TV, bigger TV is getting ridiculous!

People have told me they want more. I respond…“I want LESS!” (Which reminds me, I can get rid of some dishes I am not using, and it’d empty out space and make cleaning easier, again. I also have a blender I never use!)

“Less is more, and more is less”.

There’s a certain proverbial meaning here.

Having certain material things is fine, especially if you have a family to provide for.

What I would do is go through the material things you don’t need and give those away to a reputable charity.

As far as books go, I give those to Catholic paper drives and on occasion to prison reading programs. Otherwise, you can’t give them away these days.

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