Attack against Pope John Paul II


Ok, here is the problem. On another forum someone posted this picture of John Paul II kissing a Kohran (I think I spelled that right) and used it against the Catholics. How do we explain this to them? The only thing anyone has said was that it was a sighn of respect. Thanks,



Read this :


Although the above interview causes me to question this, I had understood that it wasn’t the Koran, but was a book of the gospels.



It is a sign of respect .Our late Pope was not hateful and his great love for people shone through.They can imagine all sorts of evil meanings to it and to that I say judge not lest ye be judged.Ask them if they can read his heart.:mad:


Thanks for all the replies.:smiley:


I have found that there are many who will do anything to speak badly about the church. I currently have a woman trying to “prove” to me that the catholic church is pagan, evil, and the “whore” of the end times. Her “proof” is moderately convincing. But she won’t hear a word against it. She says that she is merely “warning” me of what is to come. Depressing :banghead: :bible1:


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