Attackers Throw Pipe Bombs at Portland Protestors

Thought I would post this story as the escalating violence from the far right, which seems to be implicitly supported by the police, rarely gets ant attention here. A right winger threw a pipe bomb at some protestors a few days ago:

There is reasonably detailed footage of the attack available online. For some reason this has not made mainstream news.

IF it really happened. When the police went out there they found nothing going on and witnesses said they didn’t see or hear anything. Then these pictures show up on social media.

I noticed you didn’t link the “detailed footage”.

[citation needed]

No evidence about the guy’s political affiliations or motives so yeah, you are gonna have to come up with something better to support your narrative.

The video didn’t really show much except a very small explosive, possibly a firework type item, going off and all the “protestors” getting in a snit about it. Far from evidence of:

If it did happen, they should be treated the way the rioters should be.
Arrested. Charged. Bail set.

“Rioters and AntiFa attack pedestrians.”
“Rioters burn down houses.”
“Rapes and murder increase inside AntiFa controlled zones”
“People murdered for defending their businesses.”

“Maybe someone threw something at the rioters” - *** - THE HORROR THE ALT RIGHT IS SO EVIL!!!- ***


I’ve requested the topic be deleted due to how minor the incident is. It’s certainly true that we would probably all know about it if it could easily be traced back to Antifa or whoever, but I agree that it’s largely irrelevant and probably not worth the discussion. It’s definitely not a discussion I can commit to, at least.

Probably one of their own threw it.


Oh no someone might have thrown something at the people who have made Portland a crime scene?


I’m unsure about that, but it’s definitely a lot less exciting than I was initially led to believe. It happened very late at night and was thrown at what looks like a pretty thin crowd of people. It’s also not a particularly big explosion, and a lot of the information around it is hearsay (though the footage is real and confirms that something was thrown).

Why would they have a problem with an explosive anyway? I am told that fireworks are part of peaceful protests these days.


Could you imagine a crowd of right wingers pulling people out of their cars and beating them? Thank God these protestors are of the left and therefore peaceful.


In some places, people are being prosecuted for defending their homes.


I’ve seen other videos of the protesters messing up, and shooting their fire works into their crowed rather than the building target. Same could have happened here.


So why hasn’t martial law been declared and federal troops brought in to restore order?

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