Attacking Catholics?


Instead of coming up with “biblical evidence” to disprove the Catholic faith, why not try to understand the Catholic faith. Instead of attacking the faith embrace it. Its seems pretty strange that some who want to bash spend soooo much time in Catholic message boards instead of edifying their own.



[quote=at the abby]Ron

This is a Catholic Dating Service what does it have to so with attacking Catholics?:confused:


Are you kidding me…Nothing Genius. The post is about Catholic bashing. Try reading the post again and commenting on the subject.



[quote=at the abby]Quoted offensive post
First the orginal link that you provided… I clicked on led to a catholic dating website:p …I see now, that you are linking to some article "How to Pray"…The article was rather boring so I did not read past the first paragraph. or am I once again looking at the wrong thing? :confused:


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