Attacks on Christians in German refugee shelters condemned (by Christian charity group Open Doors)


The charity Open Doors has warned that violence against Christians in refugee homes in Germany is being played down or ignored. It says Germany cannot allow attacks on freedom of religion . . .

“When the people here found out I am a Christian, they started creating problems for me,” said Ramin. He says Muslims refused to come to German lessons because they didn’t want to sit at the same table with an “impure” person. Some of his food and personal belongings were also stolen. He says some of the refugees tried to start fights or make noise to keep him from sleeping . . .

The group used its own limited networks and talked to volunteers to identify the number of Christians affected by violence in refugee homes nationwide. They got replies from 231 refugees, mainly converts from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. They complained of physical and mental abuse, insults, and even death threats.


It is only low life ingrates that that see themselves as entitled to help from Christian countries, and then abuse Christians at every opportunity.


No good deed goes unpunished. We must turn the other cheek and understand the cultural differences that cause this unnecessary violence. As Christians we must suffer for our faith and always excuse and make apologies for our enemies, offering our unjust treatment to our God who was so unjustly treated by His enemies. Always praying for them, supporting them in their new and often confusing environment.

Or we can beat the … out of them if they ever attack us for our valid religious beliefs, reminding them that they are guests not invaders and they have no prerogative to enforce their religion on their hosts, in a country where everyone is allowed to practice their own religion. . Any crime should be a valid reason to reject their refugee status and result in instant expulsion. (OK I am still on the journey…But Christian is not spelt sook in my country.)



Violence against others should never be tolerated or accepted.


Those that complain about being in the company of an impure person can always go back to their country.


Swine would be better company than people who think that they are too good to eat with Christians.

The Nazis have returned to Germany via the refugee camps.


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