Attacks on Jesus and God!

Is this sinful?

Yeah, a lot of the clips I believe would qualify as blasphemy. The others are just stupid not necessarily sinful like the water into fun clip.


As a rule of thumb, if you have to ask it probably is sinful.

This video is definitely sinful because it is irreverent to God and holy things.

Satan always want to attack us and influence us to deny the reverence that is due.

For example, in today’s world the homosexual lobby has convinced us to pass laws, or rather to appoint judges who pass their own laws by judicial rulings. And we accept that and do not impeach them.

These rulings severely penalize those who stand up for true marriage and children affected by our understanding of that.

40 years ago it seemed unthinkable that such a change could ever happen. How did it happen ? First, they started making movies that made fun of homosexuality in the 1970’s back when it was still rightly looked down upon. Now, you could be put in jail or your business put into bankruptcy if you do not give assent to their ideas. Having laws were big government tries to police your thoughts is a real form of tyranny. Yet, that is what we have. in 40 years expect to be put in jail if you believe in God, unless by God’s grace and by our sacrifices today we change the way we are headed.



Remember, the video is a near occasion of sin. Only you can be sinful by approving of it or believing it. Think of it as studying the foolishness of your adversary. Learn frm it, and don’t accept it as the way things are!

Yes. It suggests that it is OK to substitute Deity into character rolls. Children are not capable of knowing if something is permitted. An adult would need to show him that it is not permitted and show displeasure and determination that it is not OK. Along similar lines making headway is the use of the name of God has a singular expression. One should have a good reason to call upon that Hallowed name.

The place you would normally find this course of action is within the practicing Catholic family. The child learns that certain things are Holy and beings require respect according to their state. Yet another reason why Jesus established the Catholic family and desired the world join it.

It is sinful if you fail to pray for them.

I was watching Netflix house of cards. I stopped at that episode.

I was watching Netflix Churchmen, it’s a series about Capuchin Priests in Seminary. I stopped after one episode.

We are ok to say No, this is offensive , sacrilege, insulting to Jesus.

Well, its certainly distasteful.

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