Attempt at evangelizing a muslim friend

Muslims - What is best way to share the need for a sacrifical Lamb of God (Jesus), opposed to dying and being judged on good and bad personal deeds, and that hell is eternal?

So what is the best way to get across to Muslims the need for a sacrifical Lamb of God to take away their sins. It seems they believe they don’t need a Savior and will just be judged at the end of the world. Totally disregarding needing a Savior. I cannot seem to get the point across to my Muslim friend and i am sowewhat new at evanglizing Muslims. My friend and I have been going back and forth for a long time on facebook.

Thank you so much for your input in advance! God Bless You!

The one thing that comes to mind for me is our blessed gift of the Holy Eucharist.
The covenant God made with Abraham, then with David was fulfilled by Jesus and a new age started with Him in where We partake of Gods eternal life in the Mass by means of consuming the body of Christ, the bread of life.

Thanks for the message of the Eucharist. I just don’t know how to get across the Eucharist… that is, the need for a Sacrificial Lamb of God, to my Muslim friend. How can I evangelize Muslims? I am somewhat confused on the best method of teaching.

You would probably have to show him that Passover did happen and connect it to the Eucharist and Baptism. Perhaps show that it makes no sense to point to the OT and Bible as evidential truth for Islam then to claim these scriptures are corrupted and cannot be trusted.

Don’t they believe that they will have to carry their sins on a bridge over Hell when they die? I think I read that somewhere. If so, stress that everyone has committed tons of sins. The only way anyone could make it across that bridge is if Jesus carried all their sins for them.

Basically, look for something within Islam that leads to Christianity if carried to its logical conclusion.

Thanks, I am not sure what that would be… to them, being judged in the end is fine based on sins committed verses good committed. Those that i talked with. I guess i need more study about the need for a sacrifice and how to get that message across.

It makes sense that we need to be set apart (punished) from our Holy God since He gave us freewill choice to go to heaven (be holy) or hell (be sinners).

And only Jesus can make us holy by redeeming us. Thanks for helping me to think through this. Muslims believe that some Muslims (all infidels for eternity?) go to hell for a time and God then puts them in heaven after they are punished, seems like purgatory… their version of hell…

I like your quote ““It is as true of democratic fraternity as a divine love; sham love ends in compromise and common philosophy; but real love has always ended in bloodshed.” – G.K. Chesterton”

They seem not to want to believe history. I think the best way is the way they don’t want to go, that is do a critique of the corruption in the Koran, but not sure if that will work, they try to do that with the bible, which is impossible, I believe. The Catholic teaching, BTW, is that the bible is infallible for faith and morals, not history and science. I am still learning about this…

This seems to be an awesome article that might help.

I will have to find that out. What is your conversion story, if you want to share. Where you raised in any religion?

I don’t think that they believe Abraham’s sacrifice leads to Jesus sacrifice, but i will browse the article… thanks though!

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