Attend Mason's Wedding...yes or no?

A good friend of mine from high school joined his local Masonic Lodge about 2-3 years ago, and since then, it has practically become the center and focus of his life, the exception being his love for his High School sweethart whom he will be marrying soon.

We’re still good friends, having known each other since 2nd grade, and I have been invited to the wedding. The wedding service is taking place at his Baptist chuch, which I understand would not really be a big deal to attend. The reception, however, is being held at his Lodge (well, on the front lawn I suppose). It would probably be very insulting to him for me not to follow everyone to the reception, however I do not want to be there simply because it is at his Lodge and most of the attendees will be his fellow Masons anyways. I guess I will have to find some way to tell him I won’t be coming to the reception, and that is the difficult part which I was hoping someone might have some advice for. Any help is appreciated.

As long as neither your friend or his fiance is Catholic, there is nothing preventing you from attending a Baptist wedding.

If you believe these people to be anti-Catholics and you would be uncomfortable, then, by all means, don’t do.

But, there is no Catholic teaching that would prevent you going.

God Bless

I am unclear on why you cannot attend the reception. Can you elaborate? As a Catholic you would not be prohibited from attending as this is not supporting masonry but supporting a friend at his wedding. Is he a Catholic or is the fiance a Catholic? Something not valid about the wedding?

If you have a personal belief that you shouldn’t go then just tell him that you have something else to do.

They’re both Baptists. My only real qualm is that the reception is being held at the groom’s Masonic lodge and I don’t know how long I could stand being in the presence of a group of people who all belong to an organization which I believe is at odds with almost everything I stand for as a Catholic…it would be really uncomfortable I think. He already makes me upset by bragging about all the favors he gets wherever he goes because almost everyone he runs into is a brother mason. I supposed I want to explain it to him in a clear and charitable way that I don’t like this stuff, and hopefully keep our friendship intact, although he has already made light of the fact that the Church thinks they are a false religion and what not.

Go and enjoy yourself. Meet folks who believe different than you. I highly doubt that they will be recruiting for either the masons or the Baptist church at this occasion. You will probably meet some really interesting people. There is more to them than being Baptists or Masons. Of course if your from a part of the country where a nuclear blast would kill only a few Catholics, things could get sticky. That part is up to your judgment. It will be interesting to see if these Baptists serve alcohol at their reception. :thumbsup: :slight_smile:

I’m from a part of the country where the population of Catholics is about 3% sp if a nuclear blast killed us off, there just might be a little rejoicing. :smiley:

Well, as my friend explained, he’s black and black Baptists aren’t afraid of alcohol. So yes, there will be drinks, and I was told I get two free on the house:thumbsup:

It seems doubtful that anyone would construe your attendance at the reception as some sort of Catholic approval of the masons. So if your primary concern is scandal, it doesn’t seem there would be much to worry about.

Now, if you simply feel uncomfortable, then don’t go to the reception. Depending on the size of the wedding, they may not even notice that you’re not there. :slight_smile:


You somewhat have to. There are personal good and common good. Common good is above personal good. The same applies to the Church. For Christians, the same. You may get some personal good by shunning evil in all its forms yet see to it you never hinder the Church in her reaching to everybody, which is common good.

For example, the Church instructs us to fast during Lent provided your fast goes not against common good. If a Catholic invites you to a party you have to rebuke them fraternally, so the Church through your person will reach this Catholic and wake up his conscience. Be it a heathen and you put them off - they may in sorrow think ‘Sure the Church is joy’s foe and only leads men away from life. Better keep myself away from all those Catholics!’ so you will hinder the Church. This is the Apostles’ teaching.

Of course, it is necessary to discern well when yes is the right answer and when no. Usually, in such tricky cases, no is to whatever will make you sin, because, firstly, good hardly justifies evil, secondly, it will make them shun not one’s ascetism but hypocrisy, which heals long if ever. Like taking part in an orgy Max Mosley style. If no sin is expected you still need to fine-discern the whole thing.

In your case, partying with Masons is simply unpleasant, hardly sinful. Before assessing how your presence will add to the good of the Church, think how much your faith-motivated absence, given he is your good friend, can damage his perception of the Church. Now, I believe you both are smart and understanding and that you can express your position to him well enough for him to get it right, but never underestimate a negative feeling, which some would say is in the unconscious, that your friend may begin to link to Roman Catholicism.

Go, have fun, talk to people because you are not doing anything wrong. Let them know you are a good person. Make friends. Be easy. But remember, the Christian is always on a mission. And when in action, that better to quit than to ruin the whole campaign, I mean, let no one outsmarten you. I mean, don’t preach there if you are not sure you can convert the whole loge, but never forget that tha Masons are also souls in need. They need help but shun medicine. So be careful, watchful, as always.

Hope they’ll be a good family.


Thanks guys. I’ll go. I am at college and far away from where the wedding will be, so hopefully one of my friends will come up and take me! I appreciate all of ya’lls input!

Masons are satanists. Maybe not the lower grade ones, but their higher ones are. But the society is anti-catholic like water is wet.

People lost their lives, carreers and everything for not having joined them or having disobeyed them from with in.

Think about like this: You go to a social event in a place and with people that have done more harm than you can immagine and others had choosen to say no to their carreers and very life for love of the Church, you betray them and the Church.

Plus, devils are more present in places of great sin.

What greater sin than to be an agent of the devil?

Pro Domina, you are being much too rigid about this.

“For they bind heavy and insupportable burdens, and lay them on men’s shoulders; but with a finger of their own they will not move them.”

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