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There was a poll conducted in Europe in the early 2000 regarding attendance at Mass. It showed grim results in a continent of Christian origins and traditions. I am curious to find out what our status is in the US.


I do Sundays and Holy Days, plus usually one or two days per week when there are Masses I can get to after work.


I chose daily because I attend every Sunday and Holy day and try to attend as many daily masses as possible.


Sundays and Holy Days and I try to go several times during the week if I can get away from work.


I would go everyday if given the chance, but until then I am restricted to Sundays, Holy Days, and select Feast Days. Um… I think your findings in this poll will be very biased though as I believe most people who populate this forum are more likely to attend mass than the average Catholic on the street, statistically speaking.:frowning:


I’d like to go to daily Mass, but it’s impossible with children’s school schedules and my work schedule. So, Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation.


I apologize if I’ve mislead anyone in the poll. I go to mass Sundays and Holy days and feasts.
Peace be with you.


I voted, but note: You will not get a random sample through a poll at this site.



Don’t worry, this is not a scientific poll. It’s a curiosity poll! Thanks for participating!


In our dioceses they actually take attendance about once a year. In the fall usually. They don’t tell anyone but it is done by the members of the knights. And this is done for about 4 sundays in a row. We can tell as they dress up in suitcoats and stand in the back and have clipboards. I imagine the priest kind of mentally observes who is there during the week as there aren’t that many. We have r ecently had a greater attendance and our snowbirds are back as they thought we were going to warm up but our springs are colder than ever.:mad:boo hoo:(


Does watching Daily Mass on EWTN count? I feel as if I’m participating, even if I do drink coffee while watching. I go to regular Mass on Sundays and holy days.

God Bless


Here in the Philippines Mass attendance is high at around 80%.
My local parish church has 10 Masses every Sunday and three daily Monday to Saturday.


Hi Robert,

I’m just interested in attendance at regular Mass. I’m not discrediting the good that EWTN Mass does for many homebound people. But for the purpose of the poll, just regular attendance. Thanks!:slight_smile:


I attend daily but I seen a story also about Europe’s church attendance being very little. With the rise of Muslims in Europe I believe it is going to be worse before better. I also seen that for the first time attendance in America dropped by 1 percent.


Sorry, I voted before I saw you were interested in US attendance, so subtract one from your “daily” category!
I am lucky to go to a church in Central London that has daily Mass in the evenings, (I’m really not a morning person!) but an awful lot of churches outside Central London have Mass at 9 or 10 in the morning, so a lot of working people can’t make it, and I know several who are disappointed not to be able to go daily.


I wasn’t sure how to vote since I go to Mass on all Holy Days of Obligation (including Sundays), as well as Tuesdays. I also go an additional day now and then too, like when I attend an all school mass with my children. Last week I went on Sunday, Tuesday and Friday. Anyway, I settled on voting for attending on Holy Days of Obligation since Sunday falls into that category.


I go at least three times a week (including Sundays), but not every day, so I put “Days of Obligation and Feasts,” in the hope that this category also includes Sundays.

If this was how the poll was put together, it’s no wonder they got messy results. There is no way to signify a combination of different kinds of attendance.


I attend the Divine Liturgy at a local Orthodox Church, since no Catholic Churches in my locality (less than 10 miles away) offer the Mass of All Ages. (Tridentine Mass).


I go whenever I can, but I put “daily” since that was the closest. Barring natural disasters or other events, I am there at least 3 days a week in addition to Sundays. Sometimes I go to the anticipated Mass on Saturday at one church and the Sunday Mass at another.


Weather and my mother’s health permitting, we try to attend 3 times a week; Sunday, Wednesday and Friday.

I hope one day, to be a daily Communicant. :gopray2: God’s Will be done.

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