Attendance at Sunday Mass

I have a friend who insists that Catholics over the age of 60 need not attend Sunday Mass. I vaguely remember the Adult Catechism I was taught from in 1954-1957 stating an age but I don’t believe it was age 60 nor do I believe this is true since Vatican II. Can you direct me to a place where I can access the Adult Catechism from that time?

Baltimore Catechism #4

Just FYI, there is no such distinction, today. Instead, we say that someone who is too ill to go out is free from the obligation to attend Mass. But if they can get to Bingo, then they can get to Mass.

Maybe your friend has mixed up Mass attendance with the fasting rules. The obligation to fast ends on the 59th birthday, that is, the beginning of the 60th year. (Incidentally, the obligation to abstain from meat binds without an ending age.)


Here’s a link to the Baltimore Catechism IV. I believe that’s the level that would have been used for adults in the time frame you stated. (The BC starts with “0” and goes through “4”). I looked quickly through it and while it mentions the obligation to attend Mass several times, I don’t see an age limit. :slight_smile:

well I don’t see it under either the 3rd commandment or laws of the church, but don’t recall any such law about a top age for Mass attendance, then or now (and I memorized it all 12 years of my Catholic education)

I’m sure you’re right; I didn’t see anything about it in there, either. :slight_smile:

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