Attendance of homosexual civil unions

I’m on an email list with some great Catholics. A very kind and devout lady shared that someone very close to her is going to be united to her same sex friend in a civil celebration.

She has been invited and feels that her attendance would show love and support and not to attend would cause division leaving less chance to reach them with the Gospel.

I’m adamantly against this, even if the person would be your own child.

We debated and she became offended and felt judged. I promise that didn’t judge, or say anything harsh. I gave scripture, thoughts, examples of how the Church feels about attendance at other gatherings and how important our attendance or lack of attendance can be.

I don’t want to go into the entire discussion. I only want answers. I can find nothing that instructs in the area. I feel it is an area that is very important concerning doing the right thing, etc. If my thoughts, concerns and arguements are not a reflection of our Church I want to go back to the email list, repent, and tell them what is more true. But, if I’m on track, I want to go back to the list, continue the discussion but perhaps be more educated about it.

This wonderful person pointed out that God is not going to be mentioned ( I find that hard to believe, but take her at her word). She feels this makes a difference.

If you need more information that might make a difference as to whether to attend or not, let me know. Thanks so much! Lynn

For the sake of your soul, do not attend a ceremony that testifies to this perversion.

I could be wrong… but I am thinking that attending this would be giving your stamp of approval to mortal sin… possibly making you guilty of mortal sin. You really should seek the advice of a GOOD priest.


The Church’s position on homosexuality is just WRONG!!!
The woman should attend the ceremony and support the union.
The Church and those who follow the perverted position that homosexuality is a disorder will have much to answer for some day in the future. The pain and violence perpetrated in the name of the Church’s position is considerable. If you do not want to accept homosexual unions, then, by all means do not attend the ceremonies, but don’t be so judgmental as to tell others who disagree with you how to behave. It is a civil right, not a religious ceremony. Get over it !!!

That is what we call heresy in the Catholic Church.

Sodomy is unnatural, selfish, and immoral.

Attending a civil “wedding” between two believers is already considered a mortal sin, why would attending one between two sodomites not be?

Post #4. Wow. Just wow. Are you Catholic?

Cafeteria most likely.

I’m not interested in questioning the spectrum of Catholicism or the quality of the believer’s faith, merely asking if he is a Catholic or not. Not up to us to judge whether someone is “cateteria” or not. At least, I don’t like to go there.

Actually, according to ancient sources and Jewish scholarship, the sin of Sodom and sodomites had to do with transgressions of the cultural obligation to be hospitable and care for visiting foreigners. All Scriptural references point to this, including the times Our Lord mentions Sodom in the Gospels. That homosexual relationships are selfish is quite a subjective statement and the charge that they are “unnatural” is a straw man argument. A cursury study of biology and sociology will show that human sexuality is anything but black and white and variations are very natural. God bless!

Well said! :thumbsup:

yes, Ryan. However, the Church’s position on homosexuality as I understand it is far broader than the Sodom/Gomorrah reference, but rather relates to natural law, natural order.

Yes, I understand. And I understand the Church is only being consistent in Her teachings. But the “natural law” argument is lost to me, since as a gay man, I have always found it very natural to find members of the same sex attractive. Trust me, i’ve spent years with priests and reparative therapy counselors trying to hammer this “unnatural” desire out of me. The depression and suicidal thoughts that led to got to be too much to deal with so I decided to accept myself and praise God for being who I am and to stop trying so hard to be this person everybody else was telling me I was suppose to be. To the OP, I would tell your friend to follow her conscience in the matter. If she disagrees with her friends lifestyle but still feels it is okay for her to attend the ceremony out of love and respect for her friend then that is her business. God bless!

A cursory study of biology shows that certain parts of the body are not meant for sexual activity. An examination of nature shows natural law, which does not support homosexual activity. A glance at history shows that humans are inclined to sin and pursue pleasure at the cost of morality. Just because something isn’t unprescedented doesn’t mean it’s “natural”.

To answer the OP’s question, it is not morally acceptable to attend a gay “wedding” or any other ceremony that celebrates sin (including adulterous “marriages”). Attendance gives validation and shows support (unless you’re there to protest, but that wouldn’t be very charitable). Many people feel that they need to be “loving” and attend anyway. This is a confusion of loving the sinner while hating the sin. If you truly love someone, you will not support their endeavor to sin; you will explain God’s truth to them and wait to welcome them home when they repent.

I must have misunderstood this site. I thought that someone with some criteria answered questions. Also, I didn’t intend this to turn into a discussion about something the church has already ruled on. Does anyone know where I can get some help? It’s not me that may go, but a lady on a catholic email list. We are discussing it. Some feel that it’s a matter of personal conscience. I feel that it’s a bad witness and maybe bordering on mortal sin. Please only reply if you agree with church teaching. I’m not interesting in personal interpretations. Thanks Lynn

It’s sad that many people’s knee-jerk reaction is to change the person, rather than help the person understand God’s unique plan for them. Celibacy is not an easy lifestyle, and those attempting to live it need support.

If you want someone with authority to answer your question, you can submit one in the Ask an Apologist section here. It usually takes a few days and there is no guarentee that you question will be answered, but you can submit it multiple times. This question has been asked many times before, though. Here is a search of previous questions in that forum section.

Thank you! Lynn

The Lord Jesus Christ speaks through the Catholic Church dude. So YOU are right and God is wrong? Homosexual acts are a MORTAL SIN… God said so!


I can certainly understand you disagreeing with me but what’s this “dude” stuff ??? Check your history…the Church has been wrong many times in the past.

Absolutely!!! And proud of it !!! I just don’t always let others determine my decisions of conscience. I do not take positions lightly, especially when they are contra to “current” teaching.

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