Attended Episcopal Service by Accident!?

Last Saturday night I was spending the weekend in another city, and there was this huge, gorgeous gothic cathedral very close to my hotel, and for whatever reason I just assumed it was Catholic. So Sunday morning, I went there, attended “Mass”, and everything seemed fine… until later that day.

I was on Google Maps getting some directions, when I noticed that the “Catholic” church I had attended earlier was actually in fact the Episcopal Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist. Wow! I mean, the service was almost completely identical to a Catholic Mass. What worries me the most, however, is that I took communion during this service. Would this be a sin of Sacrilege, or would it fall under ignorance?

Did you notice any women clergy? Sometimes that’s a clue that the church is not Roman Catholic. Also, the music, in my opinion, tends to be much more beautiful in Episcopal churches. That might have been another clue (Sorry, friends who are Roman, but it’s the sad truth.) Otherwise, there would be very little to distinguish between the two liturgies.

I know I am not answering your questions.


Well they say in the case of mortal sin, a Catholic must have knowledge, be aware, they are doing something wrong and do it anyway. Doesn’t seem you were aware. So I’d say no. Unless perhaps as ComplineSanFran said you saw a female priest. But I’m sure if someone here thinks you sinned, they will be quick to inform you. You shouldn’t have to wait long if that is judged to be the case. Peace.

Since you thought it was a Catholic Mass, then it would fall under ignorance.

Don’t apologize if it’s true (which it probably is). Meanwhile, there are Roman Catholics still sit in pews listening to sappy happy-clappy hymns.

Don’t worry, one cannot sin without knowledge.

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