Attended my first TLM last week!

I attended my first Tridentine mass this past week and I really loved it! I’m a catechumen and I’ve been going to the OF mass daily for about 3 months. From what I gather reading on these boards though, the OF mass at my particular parish is very reverant. I haven’t experienced any of what other people write here. My priest is actually quite traditional, he’s not FSSP but he is the one introducing the TLM into our parish as he has just learned to say it himself. We are going to be having it once a week now, on Sunday afternoons. I’m looking forward to going every week.

Obviously though, I will still be attending the OF mass the other 6 days of the week. A couple of people commented to me though, that because I am still a catechumen, that I am going to get confused attending the 2 different forms, that I should wait until I am a full convert in the Church… what does everyone think? I seriously very much enjoyed the TLM, my priest is encouraging me to attend, and I want to attend. I just love mass overall, and I don’t think I will get confused.

They’re underestimating you and may not realize you attend daily Mass already. If you enjoy it and your priest encourages it, there’s no reason not to attend both.



this sounds wonderful. Definitely go to TLM if you feel called and if the priest is so encouraging. I don’t think there is anything to be confused about.


I attended both forms when I was in RCIA also, I would like to believe that it strengthened my resolution to convert rather than confuse the issue… and I have been known to confuse easily…:slight_smile:

given that you are able to attend daily mass, I would like to think that this will strengthen your faith also.

-susan (also)

I forgot to come back here and say thank you. Sorry!! :blush:

I’ve attended a total of 3 Tridentine masses now, and I’m not having any troubles with confusion. I enjoy the EF mass very much. I’m considering studying Latin so that I can really understand what I’m doing. The mass is very reverant and beautiful.

Susan, its good to know someone else in the process of conversion did this and found it to be no problem.

Betsy, that is a very good point about my daily mass attendance… the people who made these remarks to me only attend Sunday mass as far as I know. At least, I only see them then. So yes, they probably think it would the only mass I was attending. Though I’m not sure what would be so wrong about that either? :confused:

Contra Mundum, thanks for your response also. I really feel fortunate to be able to attend both masses!

Nonsense! The more you go to Mass, the deeper you will grow in your faith. I say go, go go!!!

As is obvious, before the council, coverts were going to the ancient liturgy. It is probably what attacted the attention of many. Signal graces will do that to you.


I don’t think you should be confused. I prefer the Tridentine Mass, but I go to the OF 80% of the time. You only have to remember that both are completely valid forms.

Yup I know they are both valid. :slight_smile: Thanks everyone for the encouragement. I really enjoy both the EF and OF. Probably the EF a bit more more if I’m honest, but it is only offered once weekly. I like to go to mass every day.

To go slightly off topic, the EF actually reminds me of an Orthodox synagogue service. Though raised secular, practically as an agnostic, I am Jewish of background. I have attended shul (synagogue) a few times in my life though, and the services resemble the EF. Its kind of interesting.

As long as you are attending the EF and OF in the same parish you are taking instruction (as is apparently the case), there should be no confusion.

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