Attended my first TLM

I just wanted to share what I experienced at my first TLM and how it compared with Mass as I see it celebrated all too often in other parishes. I’m battling the flu and don’t feel like typing anything new, so I’m recycling a pm to maurin.

Hi, thanks for asking.
It was definitely different than any Mass I’ve ever participated in. I wanted to watch everything that was taking place so I didn’t try to follow along in the Missal. I would love to learn Latin at least well enough to follow the Mass and recite prayers.

Not only was the Mass different, but the congregation for the most part was composed in a unique way. I felt as if I had jumped back in time 50 years. There were families with several teenage daughters all wearing head coverings and following their missals. I could tell that this parish had always had the TLM and it wasn’t a novelty. The sermon had some weight behind it which I really liked also. The solemnety that I could feel was so different than what I’m use to and was what I’m looking for. Don’t get me wrong I believe N.O. masses can be reverent but it seems that the most reverent one close to me is also charismatic and something about it doesn’t appeal to me. It goes downhill from there I’m afraid. I hate to sound so critical but I’m tired of watching families show up late, leave early, chomping gum and not removing it even when receiving communion. Having the hyms performed by what seems a garage band trying to sound all bluesy. A dozen extraordinary ministers - even holding hands during the Our Father really bugs me. Even if the liturgy was done reverently, I can’t get use to the design of the church with 3 sections of pews forming a U around the alter so that you can actually sit in a pew and be behind the alter - not to mention feeling like you’re being watched by your neighbor. It’s hard not to watch your neighbor in that kind of setup. You know what I mean I’m sure. The thing is, I have 4 kids age 10 on down and I’m afraid that what they see even if I tell them otherwise will become acceptable in their minds. If I don’t approve of the things taking place, then why show up and give my assumed consent.

Anyway, to be positive, the Tridentine Mass was a joy. I hope I can figure out a way to get my family there and back without getting too gray- it’s an hour drive. I have a 1yr old boy and 3yr old daughter along with 10yr old twin daughters. My wife isn’t Catholic so I won’t get a lot of support for major excursions on Sunday. Ha Ha.

thanks for sharing. be sure to take your family, then go the following week back to your original parish. Have a family discussion on the ride home. Compare/contrast. You’d be surprised what kids will say if you ask them their honest opinion.

May I recycle bits from my reply to you? :stuck_out_tongue:

One of the things I felt, and what many of my friends related after their first TLM was their happy shock at actually being taught something in the Homily!!!

Sure go ahead.

I was thinking today about the statues that I saw yesterday and about how long it’s been since I’ve seen ones like them. I know my daughters probably haven’t. And yes, the homily was very good. I think my concern for my children is motivating me to return as much as anything.

hey that’s a good point. what’s up with the nixxing-the-statues thing? if you walk into most catholic churches today, the only statues you see are abstract art. if you walk into an old church, you feel like you really are “surrounded by a cloud of witnesses”, as it says in the Book of Hebrews.

V2 did say to not overdo it with the statues, but i think people took that to justify no statues AT ALL!

von Hildebrand wrote about this in his Curia-recommended work, Trojan Horse in the City of God. If you haven’t read it, you are missing a great read.

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