Attending a Confirmation Mass tonight

So I decided rather last-minute to do this. Our 8th graders are being confirmed tonight at a Mass, with the Bishop and about… 12 priests present (we had a vicariate meeting earlier today). I called one of my RCIA parishoner friends and asked if it was OK to attend, since I don’t know any of the people being confirmed, but I would like to see this Mass.

I’ve got regular Mass mostly down now, so I’m hoping I don’t make any silly mistakes. I’ll be sitting closer to the back than usual :wink: I already went to Mass this morning but since I cannot receive Communion yet I don’t think it’s bad to go twice in one day, right?

I’m out the door in 20 minutes or so, so a little late for any advice, but if anyone has anything quick I should know about a Mass with the Bishop present, let me know!

After Mass you refer to the Bishop as My Lord or Your Grace (if hes an Archbishop), if he’s the Bishop of your diocese you should Genuflect and kiss the episcopal ring (however some Bishops don’t like this, I know mine doesn’t like people kissing his ring).

He is, in fact, the Bishop of our Diocese. I did not meet him personally tonight, though. I will on Sunday when the candidates are presented after the Rite of Election for continuing initiation.

It was a good experience. Our Bishop is very personable and I thought his homily was interesting and appropriate for the occasion. I’m glad I decided to go.

I’m guessing you’re from Pittsburgh? The proper address for a bishop is Your Excellency.

I am glad you went, it gave you the chance to see the bishop before the Rite of Election, or rite of recognition, and moreover to exerience the rite of Confirmation before your own so you know somewhat of what to expect and can reflect on the words of the rite, which of course, effect what they say, calling down the Holy Spirit in his sevenfold gifts upon you. He will come upon you with power, as Christ promises. Welcome home

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