Attending a friend's wedding, but

I have been asked to be in the wedding party of a friend. The couple marrying is, in every respect but one, unimpeded from marriage: one man and one woman, neither of them previously married, neither of them are Catholic, neither are impotent, they’re unrelated to one another, etc. But I am aware that the friend has no qualms about divorce/remarriage should this marriage go south for whatever reason. Am I morally prohibited from witnessing the wedding? Or even attending it altogether?

It’s a prudential matter.

Have you talked to your friend about this? Your priest?

The only qualm I would have would be to sign their marriagecertificate as a formal witness. I would discuss their attitude towards marriage if I were asked to do that. Otherwise, as 1ke stated, it’s a prudential matter. If you still feel unsure a talk with your pastor might help you, as 1ke also mentioned. :slight_smile:

These days a lot of people marry with the idea that divorce is their bail-out option if things don’t “work out.” It doesn’t necessarily mean they have no intention of keeping their marriage vows. It’s more an echo of how people understand getting married in our secular culture. I’m not sure how seriously I’d take such a statement unless you believe it means they have serious doubts about getting married. If your are close friends, you may want to “feel them out” about it. Still, merely being present doesn’t mean you approve of everything they may do in the future. I think it’s more that people feel they need to hedge about the permanence of marriage in a culture that doesn’t really support it anymore.

Sounds like a “starter marriage.” In such cases, Miss Manners (Judith Martin) has suggested that you give a wedding gift which can be easily divided when the couple splits, like a pair of candlesticks. :smiley:

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