Attending a non catholic church can be an adventure

Attending a non catholic church can be an adventure.

Its interesting that the speaker preacher teacher believes they are called by God!

For your benefit!

You can learn spiritual decernment by asking the holy spirit is that teaching for you.

Yes not every one will understand. Or agree.

But you will get a greater understanding.
And have something to discuss

Specifically, which kind of church did you attend? Protestant is a useless descriptor, and non-Catholic too broad.

Word of faith .RHAMA. bible college
Assembly of God
The vineyards
Victory worship center penecostal
Calvery worship center( line upon line)
Christian leadership college (Larry Huck)
J.Vernom McGee
And numerous catholic churches.
Christ for the nations
Fr. John harden - mystics. Visions and visionaries
Scott hawn - testimony


The possibility to GIVE scandal If it in known that you; a CATHOLIC ae attending a non-catholic service. TALK to you Priest about this.

Mat GOD guide your path


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You are permitted to attend if you have a serious reason for doing so, but it can’t take the place of going to Mass on Sunday. It shouldn’t be habitual either, once or twice depending on the circumstances is quite enough.

would you say primarily Pentecostal?

Not with “numerous catholic churches” under his belt.

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My wife and I attend a non-liturgical, non-anti-Catholic Protestant fellowship a couple of times a month. It’s really very much like a Catholic prayer meeting. While it’s CERTAINLY not a replacement for attending the Mass (which we still of course attend), the Protestant service does some things incredibly well:

  • It’s GREAT to sing with others, where EVERYONE else sings, and sings well!
  • The hymn choices are superb – very well known too, ESPECIALLY at Christmas!
  • The preaching is excellent.
  • The after-service covered dish meals are also wonderful. GREAT fellowship!

I sometimes go with my husband after attending the Saturday evening mass and also attend a weekly group with them. Obviously I wouldn’t if they were rabid anti-Catholics. The fellowship is good and they are some of the only people I feel comfortable talking about my faith with.


Yes you are on target. It is positive to sing with other believers. Who are excited about worship ing .

See this is weird for me. I’m not entirely sure why but I’ve always had a weird feeling in my stomach when I’ve thought about entering into a non RC church (been inside a Greek Orthodox Church only twice for baptisms of friend’s children), but when I mid day want to talk to God and pass by any church that isn’t RC I can’t bring myself to go inside. I don’t know why that is, but it’s just always made me uncomfortable.

How about an EC parish church?

In all sincerity, if you do your due diligence, why the weird feeling? I wouldn’t go into any church that was anti-Catholic no matter what. Not even for a funeral. I also wouldn’t take part as my wife and I do in a liturgical Protestant church (Episcopal, Lutheran, etc.)

The “services” we attend are comprised of: fellowship, prayer, fantastic singing and excellent preaching, followed by a pot luck. I wish I could find this in the Catholic Church, but I have not been able to.

I know what you’re saying, and it doesn’t make sense to me either why I feel this way regarding other churches. I most certainly do not have anything against ANY faith or denomination. I guess it’s just more of a comfort thing, being a cradle catholic. Believe me when I tell you some of the most powerful speeches I’ve heard via YouTube have been made by pastors from other denominations, Imams, and Rabbis. I also do not persecute or judge anyone’s form of worship, as it’s not my place to judge (I leave that to the Father).

That is understandable.
Iam a Evangelical. And I won’t go into a random church. To seek god in the mid day

Thanks for sharing

Some catholic churches are designed . to dominate and impress the people. In the effort to honor religion belief.

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Its interesting and educational

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