Attending a Protestant Church


I am a Catholic. My wife was Presbyterian, she converted to Catholicism before we got married.
Her Father, Mother and Brother are still Presbyterian. Her Father is an Elder in the church and the family is very involved with the church.

I went a few times with my wife to watch her sing at their worship services as she had responsibilities in the church before she converted, like being head of the teen group, whether she wanted to or not.

I was never comfortable being there and especially didn’t like the Catholicism bashing and blaming, and the loud yelling of the minister and the seemingly nonstop loud droning music of the choir. I didn’t have any time to meditate it was constant noise throughout the service.

As Catholics now, her parents want to show off their grandchildren to their friends at church and my wife says she wants to meet her friends there.

I said we are Catholic and if you want to meet people it can be outside church.

She says she is going there just to be polite to her Parents and to say hello to the people she has known for awhile, and it has nothing to do with the church.

Another thing, this is in South Korea, where we met, and we might be going back there into the same situation later on.

The bottom line is, wouldn’t it be scandalous for Catholics to visit a Presbyterian church for worship, just to say hello to people? Though not forbidden by the Church outright, what are some reasons we shouldn’t go?

What should I do? What should my wife do?

in Christ,


Not a problem. No communion, though and don’t forget that does not remove your Sunday Mass obligation.


You must fulfill your Sunday Obligation at Mass, that can be before or after the Presby service.

Attend your in-laws service, do not receive if they have their memorial Lord’s Supper, simply sit in your pew and quietly pray during that part of the service.

Smile and be kind to her old friends.


Right, I know that part, so we would go to Mass at the same time so her parents wouldn’t ask us to come to their service. Presbyterians don’t have communion, only a memorial every once and awhile and I never been to one of those memorial services.


The thing is I feel like I am tacitly approving of Protestantism by being there. My conscience bothers me a bit because I know they are separated and have the urge to tell them the truth about the Catholic Church, but I’m a guest there and it’s difficult to open my mouth.


IMHO, you’re overthinking it. My wife goes to church with me and my family everytime we go back to my hometown. No big deal.


That is the reason for my mantra “feelings lie”.


I would not sit there and listen to that for very long.


I was under the impression that you shouldn’t go unless there is serious reason to.

“Catholics should not be attending Protestant services unless they have serious reason to do so. Mere curiosity or a liking for the people at the church is not sufficient reason. Even when serious reason exists, a Catholic should not make a habit of attending non-Catholic services, but should only do so as an occasional and non-participating guest (at most).”

Obviously one time isn’t a habit, but going just to say hello isn’t a serious reason either. I’m thinking we shouldn’t go.


You shouldn’t attend a false and heretical “church”. No matter what, don’t participate in any of their activities at their “church” if there’s no way out of going there.


Sometimes feelings do lie, but do you think my feelings are wrong? Could not someone interpret my presence to mean I approve of that church or what they are doing in separation from Christ’s Church?


Source of this text?


To my understanding one shouldn’t make a habit of going to a Protestant church barring a serious reason. Is that wrong?


Neither you nor I can read the minds of the people who are there.

Refraining from their version of Communion will be a very visible demonstration that you are not in agreement.


source: Apologist from Catholic Answers via EWTN


But they don’t have communion, it’s Presbyterian, there is no other way of visibly showing them I am not in communion with them, being in attendance is like being one with those who are separated is my point.


That is not Catholic teaching. You can go to any Church, just no communion if it’s not Catholic.

There’s no problem with going OP.


But what he is saying matches what the apologists on Catholic Answers have said, if you don’t have a serious reason to be there, don’t go.

I’m trying to determine whether my situation is serious enough a reason.


The Presbyterians I know of receive their sort of communion at least once per month.


Love of family IS a serious reason.

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