Attending a Protestant Church


There’s no problem going once in a while. I will be attending my family’s Lutheran church service this Christmas (as I do every year)


I nearly unwillingly went nearly every Sunday for a few months and I never saw them have it. But there are almost as many sects within Presbyterianism as there are Presbyterians. It also is in South Korea, which has its own flavor of Presbyterianism.


That’s what I’m saying, is going with one’s family every once and awhile a serious enough reason to say, okay, it’s alright if we go.

If it is every Christmas or every such and such an occasion, doesn’t that mean it is a habit? Exactly what the good apologists guide us against?


Yep, been told the same thing.


As LittleLady says, love of a family is a serious reason.


I love my family, two of my sisters are Protestant, but I would never go more than once to their churches, which I have done.

If I don’t go would I lack love or charity for my in-laws or my wife?


Well, I go because I like family traditions and do not want to hurt them in any way.
And no, I do not concider once a year a habit. At least not a negative one.


Does your family ever come to the Catholic Church?


Never, unfortunately, but I pray and hope they will some day.


Don’t fight it. Just go with the flow. Your marriage is of more importance. Just don’t miss your Sunday Obligation.


That’s something I pray for with my family and my in-laws as well.

It’s also something I feel is a bit unfair about the situation and going to their church.

Even though I have been to their church many times, they never come to the Catholic Church when we invite them.


I’m not the kind of person to just go with the flow, I have to go with what’s right, that’s why I’m posting here and seeing what others think.


Family Unity, showing respect for your wife and her family by occasionally attending service, opportunities to evangelize and address catholic misconceptions…sound like reasons to me.


The problem is it’s difficult to address those misconceptions, I rarely have the opportunity to speak out when the minister attacks Catholicism or someone has some funny idea about Catholic teaching. I guess I just have to be more outspoken if I visit.


I’m a bit surprised you ran into Catholic-bashing at the Presbyterian church. My in-laws and husband are Presbyterian and my mother also had a good friend for a while who was a Presbyterian minister. They seemed to have much less animosity towards Catholics than several other Protestant churches I could name. This was in the United States however, maybe things are different where you are.

I think a few times a year should not be a problem. As your kids get older, you might have to explain any “Catholic bashing” statements they hear to them, but better they get an explanation from you than encounter it out in the world and be unprepared for it.

Edited to add, I will have to be honest - I personally probably would not have gone to a Presby service - but we did not have children for the grands to “show off” and also, my husband and mother-in-law were very irregular churchgoers. It was only my father-in-law who really bothered to attend his church and even then, not every Sunday. When we visited them, my husband would take me over to the Catholic church, drop me off, and pick me up after the Mass and everybody was fine with that.


A reason to that is mainly because I left their church. I can’t expect them to come rushing into mine immediately.


True, but I don’t want to subject my children to that just to teach them. I had to explain enough to my wife about what Catholics actually believed. I was in their church service when the minister went off on how Catholics worship statues and how you shouldn’t have images of angels etc.


They’re likely to hear it from their relatives at some point…I would start explaining to them early that some folks don’t like Catholics. My mother explained it to me.


Are you actually in South Korea? or a Korean? There are many details with the non-American culture that some priest may be better dealing with. And I can definitely see Koreans being anti-catholic.

If you are in Vancouver, visit St Andrew Kim Parish, which is geared for Korean. They may be able to provide better answer.


or refer to the other more important reasons, family unity etc…or…
Just don’t go because you don’t want to… which seems to be the way you are leaning. All you will receive on this particular topic is many opinions…some better informed and more knowledgeable than others, yet, opinions none the less. Yes even priests, bishops, and popes have opinions…if your looking for a definitive, infallible, no,I have yet to find an official teaching on it.

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