attending daily Mass

How beneficial would it be for bringing the whole family and kids to daily morning Mass? What effect has it had on those who do? Share your experiences.

When I just had my oldest I used to take him with me several times a week. It seemed to improve his behavior on Sundays, and nobody around us minded. I don’t (and wouldn’t) bring both boys on my own now, because it would just be too disruptive. I do miss it, though.

I do not right now (I’m still in high school), but when I am out and on my own I know that I definitely will try to attend Daily Mass as much as possible. I think that it increases one’s Communion with Jesus, being able to receive Him every day in the Blessed Sacrament.

May God bless you and your family forever! :slight_smile:

The biggest benefit of daily Mass is the grace they receive. I now have 2 children that are devoting their lives to God in a single vocation and a third who is actively discerning his vocation. He’s a 21 year old guy who can be found in the adoration chapel instead of a bar…how’s that for a positive experience?

What effect has it had on those who do? Share your experiences.

I’ve been unable to bring my entire family to daily Mass, but this past year I have been personally attending an early morning Tridentine Mass every morning. So far, it’s been a wonderful experience, and I have learned a lot about the liturgical cycle and Catholicism in general.

It’s a great way to start your day. One of the most striking differences I have noticed is that I don’t get as upset about trivial matters as much anymore. I am more patient, more disciplined, and small obstacles aren’t as daunting. I attribute this in part to the graces I receive from daily Mass, but also the effect that Mass has on my general outlook on life.

Going to Mass every day also puts a strong contrast between the secular world and the spiritual world. Secular matters seem so unimportant - even comical at times - now compared to spiritual matters. The beauty of the Tridentine Mass liturgy and the peace that comes from attending Mass are also added benefits.

At work, after attending Mass, if we have to listen to a lecture from a senior manager, their presentation seems so secularized and unimportant in contrast to the Mass. It doesn’t seem as important and relevant when you compare the two.

My Latin is better, too. I now know more Latin words and phrases, and pretty much have most of the liturgy down to memory. After Mass, the Credo and some of the Gregorian Chants still resonate with me throughout the day.

It does take commitment and discipline to attend every day, but I’ve very much enjoyed the experience. Now that attending daily Mass has become a regular habit, I notice quite clearly that I am not as resilient or spiritually strong if I miss daily Mass.

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