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Hi, Im quite in love with the Orthodox Church and Im going to attend their liturgy as soon as Im given the chance to do so (there isnt any Orthodox Churchs where I live).
So my question is, Am I allowed to recieve the Blessed bread at their service or may I not?
They do offer it to guests in order for them to feel welcome at their church and this is NOT communion, but only blessed bread.
How is the stance of the Catholic Church about Catholics recieving the bread?
Is it allowed?

Also this service Im talking about will not by any means replace my sunday mass, but merely work as an addition.

Thanks in advance for any answers I may recieve;)

Yours in Jesus and Mary

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If you like the Orthodox Church so much, but don’t want to break with Rome, why don’t you just join the Byzantine Rite of the Church? :confused: As for the blessed bread I’d say you probably can take it. It’s offered for guest and not really consecrated so I think the Church wouldn’t mind if you took some. Just don’t take actual communion; even though they probably wouldn’t let you knowing they are extremely strict when it comes to closed communion.


Thanks for reply dear TrueChurch I appreciate your effort to answer me:)
So you think Im free to eat the blessed bread?
Ha ha, your probably right they wouldntve let me within five feet of their Eucharist:P
And yes I would like to join the Byzantine rite, but unfortunately we dont have any other Rite in Norway than the Latin Church hence Roman Rite so I guess its not really an option:(

Im not going to leave my Catholic Faith so the reason Im wanting to attend the Greek Orthodox Church is to enrich my life as an Christian.
And as I wrote earlier in this post there is no Eastern Rites in Norway so therefor Im looking to attend the Orthodox services from time to time out of love for their liturgy.

So I have absolutly no intention of leaving the church by any means:)
Catholic trough and trough:)

Yours in Jesus and Mary

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We have an orthodox church in town and I have thought of attending it. I have met their priest and like him.

I read once about taking communion with them but it was awhile ago and I have forgotten what the rules are.

I would speak with your priest first and ask him.


They dont approve of us taking communion at their church.
They are stricter than we are.

I mean if we are in a remote place where the only church nearby is the Orthodox church then we are allowed to confess and recieve communion as far as The Vatican concerns, but the Orthodox wouldnt allow us in most cases.

I will talk to my priest about this when I have the chance and ask him if its ok to go at their church from time to time.
If he sees it as some sort of a “one leg in both camp” attitude I will let go of my love for the Orthodox Church and obey my pastor.
Becouse as I said, the Orthodox church is to be considered a suppliment only.
Im catholic for eternity:)


Alright, that stinks that the Byzantine Rite doesn’t exist in Norway. :frowning: Is it possible any other eastern rite exist in Norway? Like Coptic Rite, Chaldean Rite, Ethiopian Rite etc? If you do find that some of these rites exist in Norway I would suggest going to the Coptic Rite. Mainly because the Copts have such a beautiful liturgy you would love it! :smiley: It has just awesome eastern elements in it; especially the middle eastern elements. I don’t know why but I’ve always felt attracted to middle eastern culture. Probably because that is where Christianity originated and where the first Christians lived. I think it’s just the sense of how ancient it is that attracts me. I thought about switching from the Roman Rite to the Coptic Rite once; I’m actually still thinking about it. Sadly it is a pain to switch rites but it’s possible. Sorry I kind of got off topic there… :blush: But I hope you find a rite that is suitable for you. God bless! :slight_smile:


No its only the Latin Church who has established itself in Norway sadly:(
Its not that I dislike the Latin Rite dont get me wrong.
I find it beautiful, but a bit too “plain” so to say and like you I love how the Eastern Rites are ancient.
Well as long as its only possible to be catholic under the Latin Rite I guess I just have to stick with it then.

With an enormous immigration mostly from Poland (Latin) but also from Vietnam I hope it will be an Eastern Church establishing itself in Norway at some point.
I understand how it hasnt been a topic before as we where so small, but we grow very fast so fingers crossed it will be an Eastern rite here soon.

Anyway its not super important in the end of the day, at least we have an Catholic Church in my town thats whats most important after all:)

a side question; how is switching Rites a pain?

Yours in Christ

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The canons of the Catholic Church allow you to take Communion in an Orthodox Church under extenuating circumstances. There certainly is no issue with you taking a piece of blessed bread. If the Church required you to avoid things even blessed by other faiths you would have a pretty difficult life. :wink:


Yeah, the Latin Rite I love it too. But I can agree it sometimes is just to plain. The Eastern Rites are just amazing. But like you said; at least we have a Catholic Church in town and that is all that really matters.

And it’s a pain because you need to convince the Bishop of your diocese to let you switch rites.


Really? Why is that?


Wouldnt it be easier to convince the Bishop of the diocese I want to join instead and let the two bishops interact with each other over my eager to become Copt for instanse?

Does moving to a place where the Copt are the closest parish work too, out of practical reasons?

The last oppurtunity could be to leave the church just to rejoin in an other Rite.
The last one is highly unetical and undermains the entire authority of the church so I personally would never do that, but it could have worked am I right?


The vestments don’t have much design, there is not enough design around the whole area, not everyone helping out wears vestments, incense is not used, icons are not used, things aren’t made of gold like they are in the eastern rites, the processions are kind of plain, the altar does not have much design, it just looks too modern, and a few other things. I still like the Latin Rite, but I like Eastern Rite better. Especially the Coptic and Chaldean Rites.


I guess it’s possible they could work, but it would still be kind of a pain. Because you yourself need to convince the priest of the parish with that rite to let you switch rites. Besides, you don’t need to switch rites to participate in the parish. You can take communion there, you can go to its special events. You can even help around the place.


yeah, I can imagine the priest asking why it is so important for me to officially switch to their rite when Im a usual member at their parish anyway that confess and commune there.
And to that I would probably just answered: uhh because, uhh…
Ha ha:P
I guess my question is; could Ive been an official member of the eastern parish and stay Latin of rite?


I don’t think you could be a official member of a parish and stay Latin Rite. But as I said, you can still participate in that parish because you’re still a Catholic.


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