Attending Mass at St. Peters

I’m wondering how hard it is to attend Sunday Mass at St. Peters while I’m there. It will not be during Easter week, but I’m sure there’s some keys to being inside. Any help would be appreciated.

No problem…

Just tell them that you know Devotus and he said to give you good seats right up front…


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Or if you make a $500 deposit to my special account in the Caymans I can provide you with a pass that will also get you a personal audience with the Pope at his summer residence.

And of course you know I can’t be lying because it’s right here on the internet!


When you say you want to go to Mass at St. Peter’s you need to be a little more precise. There are a lot of side altars and Mass is nearly constantly being said at one or more of these. Simply go in and find one that is just starting. If, however, you were looking for Mass at the main altar you simply need to find the schedule and show up at the appropriate time *unless, *of course, you are hoping to be at a papal Mass. That generally requires a ticket and your local chancery office should be able to help you get one (depending on availability).

Deacon Ed

My husband and I visited in August 2001 and found it suprisingly easy. If memory serves, they have multiple masses in the Basilica on Sunday, in various languages. They should have the times, etc posted. I would get there early, though we’re not talking hours here, to get a decent seat. We actually hadn’t planned on attending but got there at the right time and managed to get seats at the back. Now, it won’t be the Pope doing the mass. If you want that, go to the Vatican’s website and see what you have to do to get in. But it was still amazing being able to attend mass there. I will add that it was a little on the chaotic side, especially when receiving the Eucharist. Kind of a mad-dash if you will, sadly. AND there will still be tourists wandering around during mass. They have the area roped off and you are only allowed in IF you intend on attending mass. Now, admittedly this was all a little while ago, things may have changed. But we had no problem. Just scout it out early and make plans. :slight_smile: Have a wonderful trip!!! And if I may recommend, the Vatican Gardens tour is as amazing as the Sistine Chapel.

I’m not sure how up-to-date it is, but one schedule is available here:

Unless you have an amazing stroke of luck. :bounce: When the bride and I visited in October 2001, we had been advised to attend the 10:30 Canons’ Mass, then to hang out under the papal apartments for the Angelus blessing. Which might normally be pretty sound advice.

But after our arrival, it slowly dawned on us that “something” was happening. When we found someone to inquire, we learned that there wasn’t going to be a 10:30 Mass in the basillica – Rather there was to be a 10:00 Beatification Mass in the square! We had no tickets, but we went anyway about 09:15, with every intention of hanging outside the barricades. THEN the guards opened the second section of seating and waved us in, over our protests of “we have no tickets” – So we wound up at the front of the second section, which is the aisle through which the papal motorcade traversed the crowd following the ceremony. Could not have planned it better if we’d tried! :bounce:


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