Attending Mass Before Work: Can I Leave Early?

I’m thinking of attending daily mass as often as I can.

Granted, it won’t be easy because I am not a morning person and it’s hard for me to even wake up at my regular time.

If I do wake up early enough to attend mass, can I leave early so as not to be late for work?

If it is okay for me to leave early, is there an appropriate time to leave?

I was thinking of leaving right before the “Mass of the Faithful” starts.

Thanks for your input!

Really, it’s not appropriate to leave Mass early. And, if you are thinking of leaving “right before the “Mass of the Faithful” starts”, what’s the point of going to Mass at all?

Because as I understand it, in the old days, the Catechumens used to attend the Mass of the Catechumens then be dismissed right before the Mass of the Faithful (which includes communion) starts? Correct me if I’m wrong.

Also, I would get to hear the readings, Gospel and homily.

There is no obligation to go to Mass at all on weekdays. So even if you come into Church or visit the Blessed Sacrament for 5 minutes, even if there is no Mass, it’s perfectly fine.

Really??? What is the point of going to daily mass if you have to leave early?

The point is being with God, being with community, being in church.

To the OP, of course you should continue to go to daily mass and leave when you need to leave. There are many that do that at our parish. We have mass at 12:10, but they need to leave early to get back to work. :shrug:

Thanks everybody!

I just wanted to make sure I didn’t leave at a time that would be considered disrespectful. For example, I wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving while the priest was blessing the chalice.

I totally understand. If I need to leave the Mass, whether to leave the building or simply to leave to use the restroom, I try to do while people are in the act of standing up or sitting down. It makes less of a commotion. :thumbsup:

People do it all the time. Just try and pick a spot that make your leaving less conspicuous.

We have a 6am Mass. Most people are on their way to work (or school). I know several who leave right after receiving communion (and sit near the front to be one of the first) in order to get to work on time. With an average attendance of 100 or so, and 1 priest, communion isn’t instantaneous.

Attend as often as you are able and leave when you need to (but not during the consecration as you pointed out). Also check and see if a church near work has a lunch time Mass or evening Mass that may fit your schedule better.

It will be a blessing to you. I came home last year…and then decided I wanted to go to daily Mass during my lunch hour. It has become such a blessing that I do everything I can not to miss it!

Go to daily Mass if you can, this is great!
But if you must leave early, why not wait until after Holy Communion?
Mind you, I’m one who is really bothered by the common trend of everybody slipping out after Communion at a Sunday Mass or evening Mass or whatever. Often there’s no good excuse for that, and I think we should always stay for the entire Mass if at all possible. But if slipping out after Communion is the only way you can go… do it! Slip out quietly, and be sure to genuflect to the Most Blessed Sacrament on the way out. Maybe let the priest know, if it’s usually the same priest.

If you leave after the Liturgy of the Word, you’re not really at the Holy Sacrifice!

No, no. I didn’t say after communion. I meant before the offertory. I’m going by the Latin Missal, so when the mass of the catechumens ends.

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