Attending Mass/Confession because of the Priest celebrating


We are so blessed in my area to have many opportunities for attending Mass, including 3 different Priests at my own parish. Their schedule for saying weekend Mass is posted in the bulletin, although it seems not to be right very often. :wink:

I have encountered a wonderful Monsignor at a weekday Mass, and I get a lot out of the Homily. I would like to ask him, or find out, when he says Mass and where. He doesn’t have his own parish (he is in the Diocesan office), but says it a certain day of the week at one parish, and perhaps at others I’m not aware of.

Similarly, we have some priests who are wonderful, but are very difficult to understand, especially when the natives are restless. I have been attending Confession mostly with one priest, but he is departing for a far off parish. I have went to Confession to other priests, and each one has been helpful, but I get ‘more’ so to speak out of Priest 1’s advice.

Is it okay to seek out these priests? I know the Mass isn’t about who is celebrating.

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Short answer, yes it’s alright.

The Church requires us to attended Mass every Sunday and Holy Day of Obligation, but does not require us to attend our local parish or a particular Mass time. The same is true of confession the Church requires us to confess once a year (and to refrain from receiving the Eucharist while in a state of mortal sin) but she makes no further requirements. As long as you are attending a valid and licit Mass (e.g. you are not attending an SSPX chapel) and as long as your confessor is validly and licitly hearing confessions you are free to choose which Mass to attend or which priest will hear your confession. If you decide to try to hear Mass said by Father x - you are within your rights (and fulfilling your obligations) by so doing.

Whether or not it is a good idea, is another conversion, but it is certainly okay to do so.


Pietro is right. Generally speaking, there’s nothing wrong with seeking out opportunities you find more spiritually fulfilling. But I think caution and prudence are necessary as well. (aren’t they always? :))

I can see occassions where such things might go awry. I have seen people place undue emphasis on the priest, which can lead to a crisis of faith when either they discover that Fr. So-and-so is not perfect, or when the priest is moved somewhere else. If a person has such tendencies, I would encourage them not to do that.

I can also see cases where it could get a bit extreme. Priests’ schedules are often in flux and they are seldom regular. If a parishioner is calling the parish office (or the priest’s cell phone!) every week just to get a run down of their schedule, they might be placing a bit of an undue burden on that priest.

But iof you’re just using public knowledge or asking a question here and there to make decisions on when and where to go to Mass and Confession (knowing you won’t be in a bad place if that info turns out not to be accurate), then there shouldn’t be any harm in it.


Our parish bulletin publishes who is celebrating the Sunday and weekday liturgy.


This was a good question for I too have sought out a Mass due to the particular Priest and did wonder if that was selfish in some ways. He gave such inspirational homilies that I was just inspired often by his words.

He now serves another parish and that was not a real problem for I am happy to have heard him when I could.



Thanks for the replies. I am only thinking of this for the weekday Mass, and not my Sunday obligation. As I get older, I find that I have a more difficult time hearing and understanding some unusual accents (for me, those from Africa). I know that the priest is not the highlight of the Mass, but obviously the Homily is important or it would not be included. I do try to study the Scriptures, but many priests are very talented in inspiration; much like I enjoy Father John Riccardo and Father Larry Richards, or even Scott Hahn.

I don't plan to call every week for Monsignor's schedule. I'm happy that he is saying Mass on Wednesdays at this particular parish. However, God may decide to lead me in a different direction, the same way He led me in this one.

Again, I feel so blessed to live where I do to have these opportunities. Growing up, we had one priest that we shared with 2 or 3 other rural parishes, and only had one Mass per weekend.



Something to consider. By changing mass times, and changing parishes to follow around one priest, you are losing out on an important part of parish life, building up and connecting to the others in the parish. You also miss out on getting involved as much as possible when you go from parish to parish.

Others have given great answers so far. I just wanted to give another angle to consider. It is important that we get to know the other people in our parish, to build the community together. You miss that when you constantly change mass times and parishes.


I call the office each Friday to see when Father D. has the Weekend Mass. Will not go to Monsignor's Masses.


True. That’s why we are involved in our Parish, in ministries (lector and usher), classes and adoration. This fall I will be going to Bible Study. The early morning daily Masses are difficult for me to get to, which is why I’ve been going at noon. Our regular commitment for all Holy Days of Obligation (Sundays/holy days) is our parish. In fact, as much as I want to attend High Mass (Latin), I’m waiting until the next few weeks pass by, because of celebrations, participation, at our parish.

I should also say that God has given me His blessing in the form of graces and spreading His word, Corporal Works of Mercy as well, when I have been attending Mass at noon at the other parish. Each and every time I attend, something miraculous happens (see my posts under the Evangelization board).

Thank you all for your thoughts. I was having a ‘random’ moment! :slight_smile:


That’s a good point; but I attend Daily Mass at different parishes and know many Daily Mass attenders at various parishes; so I in fact have met many people at Mass.
More so than if I attended only one parish.

I have attended once in a great while twice in one day to hear the homily from two different priests when it’s a favorite Bible passage of mine.

That said I am in a City where we are blessed with 5 daily Masses and one at the Catholic Hospital as well.



Its all good to find some priests are helpful to one's faith. It would be terrible to.find priests that were the opposite. I think it is always important to remember at all times who exactly we are going to mass to 'see' & 'hear'. He is first & everyone else has to be v.much secondary. If a mass is becoming all about the priest - not good. Priests need to be neutral - not behaving in any way that takes attention away from God. Its a personal judgement.


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