Attending mass twice during the day, may I commune at both masses?


My question is like the title tells.
May or may I not recieve communion twice during a day (both times when attending mass) ?
In my case their isn’t any special reason that may apply, Im just curious if Im allowed to commune more than once a day?:slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for any answers I may recieve.

Yours in Jesus and Mary

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Yes, you may receive communion twice. But the second time must be at Mass.

From canon law:
Can. 917 A person who has already received the Most Holy Eucharist can receive it a second time on the same day only within the eucharistic celebration in which the person participates, without prejudice to the prescript of ⇒ can. 921, §2.

In practical terms, that means the first time could be at a communion service or some other situation. But the second time must be at Mass.


To add to this, one should NOT receive more than twice. So if you are a server, lector, choir member, cantor, etc; and need to serve at three or more Masses; you should only receive communion at the most two.

For example, I heard about this one woman who served at 7 Masses during Ash Wednesday. She said she received communion 7 times. She should have simply served all 7, but only recieved communion once or twice.

God Bless.


And here’s that Canon 921, §2, with §1 alongside:

Can. 921 §1. The Christian faithful who are in danger of death from any cause are to be nourished by holy communion in the form of Viaticum.

§2. Even if they have been nourished by holy communion on the same day, however, those in danger of death are strongly urged to receive communion again.

I’ve heard it said that someone may even, under these conditions, licitly receive three times in one day–the first two occasions would be as described earlier, and the third occasion would be as viaticum. For example, Jimmy Akin wrote, “…barring the exception of receiving it a third time as Viaticum.” (Obviously, viaticum may also be one’s first or second reception of the day.)

Of course, these conditions will not apply very often to a given person, but it’s good to know about them in an emergency, especially if knowing about them will avoid needless delay.

Can. 922 Holy Viaticum for the sick is not to be delayed too long; those who have the care of souls are to be zealous and vigilant that the sick are nourished by Viaticum while fully conscious.



This has been the law of the Church since 1983. It’s unfortunate that after more than 30 years, this information still has not reached so many Catholics.


To add to the other posts, and from what I’ve read from others and from Fr. Z, too, “The key here is that the second time must be during a Mass, unless it is as Viaticum and you may not enter the Mass at some late point merely in order to receive.” ~ the bold part is important


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