Attending Mass while sinning


I am currently in very low favor in the eyes of our lord. I am a very bad Catholic who is a serious sinner and has serious doubts about God. The people at my church say its inappropriate for me to attend mass and not receive communion. I cannot receive communion as I am not confirmed and have committed so many mortal sins that God has not accepted my confessions at this point. I admit I lost my cool and swore at the parishioners who told me I could not attend and the priest said I was not to attend mass at his parish anymore if I couldn’t control my anger. The priest told the other parishioners that i was allowed to attend mass and not take communion and said it was not disrespectful.

I do not plan on going to mass after this toxic incident. What should i do?


You don’t need to be Confirmed to receive the Eucharist.

No one should say a word to you about receiving or not, that is between you, Jesus and your priest.

Swearing at people in Church is not acceptable, and I don’t blame Father for telling you to stay away if you can’t control your anger.

Why don’t you just go to confession?


Not that anyway. Is there another parish you could attend?


I swore and yell at them because they took my bag from the pew and threw it outside. Then the priest came out and mediated the situation.


No the other nearest parish is an hour away by car.


You didn’t say that.
They had no right, but you still should not have sworn at them.

Are you in the US?


Yes. I am in the USA. I have not gone to confession because I am to ashamed of my sins and I cant even remember all of them so the confession would not be accepted


Go to confession. Just try and confess what you remember. Are you receiving psychological or medical support in any way? If so listen to those professionals also xx god bless you


Do a nice, long, examination of conscience and write what you can remember. You can even ask for forgiveness for sins you don’t remember.

And for a real doozy, here’s Fr. Ripperger’s

Confess, show contrition, and let the priest Dole out your penance and accept Christ’s forgiveness.


You don’t know that. You need to make an appointment with Father, tell him you have not confessees in a while. He will help you.


I have been banned from the parish by the other parishioners. Father Said I could come back as my anger was not overly egregious or violenct. The other parishioners said if I came back again they would take my stuff again and told me to join the non catholic church (Baptist) in town and to leave them alone. I wish to be catholic however and do not want to join the baptist church.


Jesus already knows all of your sins…you don’t need to be ashamed in front of Him. He is waiting for you with open arms and is longing for you to be reconciled to Him.

You don’t need to remember all of your sins to be absolved. Do a good examination of conscience and tell the priest everything that you can remember, and ask for forgiveness of the sins you have forgotten, and you will be absolved. If you remember a mortal sin later then you can confess it next time.

But don’t let your fears keep you away from the Church! You obviously have a lot going on in your life. Speak to your priest privately and ask for his help.


That is not what you said in the OP.

After Father speaking to them?


This was after father went back inside


Father said if I swore like that again he would have to ban me, but he did not ban me from the church at that point.


After he said you are allowed attend?

If so remind them of that. Also, don’t bring stuff they can throw out if you can avoid it. I’m thinking all you need really is a set of keys and money for the collection, they can be carried in a pocket.


God has heard and accepted your confessions of your sins. He hears and forgives the sins of everyone who comes to Him with a sincere, loving and contrite heart whether they are Catholic or not.

What has not been done is that you haven’t been Confirmed in the Catholic Church. So the priest isn’t able to give you Absolution. This is why you’re unable to receive Jesus in the Eucharist. You realize this and have done the right thing in not receiving.

You are not a bad Catholic. You are trying to do the right thing and obey the Church.

Return to Mass and pray for those who so wrongly tell you that you cannot attend Mass without receiving.

Humble yourself and apologize to Father for your outburst and ask him to pray for you and with you about your temper.

You are in my prayers.

God love you.


The other parishioners can’t ban you from attending Mass there (or anywhere else). Only Father can do that. If Father says you can attend, you can attend.

Remember, the Church is full of sinners.


“The priest told the other parishioners that i was allowed to attend mass and not take communion and said it was not disrespectful.”

Well Father speaks and if you control your anger you need to be at Mass and then get to Confession and make things right.


Start going to another parish where they don’t know you and avoid making any further scenes by keeping all your terrible sins to yourself like all the other parishioners do. No saint was good every minute of their lives and no sinner was bad every moment of theirs. You are not different, but you are tormenting yourself.

All the best!

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