Attending Mass while sinning


This is only true is the OP is not yet Catholic. He did not say he wasn’t. Confirmation is not required for Confession if one is Catholic already.


If we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. Go to Confession and be free of this bondage!


They have no right to ban you. Please speak with your pastor.


He said he hadn’t been confirmed.

“I cannot receive communion as I am not confirmed…”


enrol in RCIA and get all the Sacraments

Please attend Mass.

And all those judgemental folks are sinning . Tell them being judgemental is a sin as is gossiping


He lists his religion as Roman Catholic. One does not have to be Confirmed to go to confession or receive the Eucharist.

He needs to speak with his priest and straighten this whole thing out.

OP, please, seek the counsel of a priest. There is much pain coming through in your posts. Jesus loves you and can heal you, you just have to meet him half way,which can be done by speaking with a priest.
Peace and blessings to you, I will keep you in my prayers.


He needs to run this by his priest. In our Diocese we have confirmation first, then communion and confession.


In mine,Confirmation is not until 9th grade now. I was in 8th grade 30-ish years ago.

Some parishes started doing “Restored order” in my diocese in the 1990’s, but our new Bishop ended that and made a mandatory 2 year program that begins in 8th grade with Confirmation in the Spring of the 9th grade year.

There are many Catholics of my generation, late 40-early 50, in my area, who had First Penance & First Communion but we’re never Confirmed.


It sounds bizarre, to be honest. I have never heard of a situation in which someone’s things were thrown out of a Church or parishioners attempted to keep another parishoner out.

A previous poster asked if there was a struggle with mental illness. I would also wonder this. Mental illness would not, of course, keep you from receiving the sacraments or being a member of a parish provided your behavior was acceptable. In fact, your priest or someone else in the Church should be able to direct you to some resources if that is the case.

We’re all ashamed of our sins…receiving absolution is the only way to find peace from shame. And, truly, many terrible sins are confessed in the Sacrament…you are not the only one by far.

Secondly, I have to question your faith formation if you believe your confession cannot be “accepted” due to being unable to remember…that is not at all the way the sacrament works. I pray you are able to find a priest or a mentor who can help you to explore the incredible grace that is Confession.


You are not in very low favour with God.
Jesus came to call sinners home, we are all sinners.


God accepts all Reconcilliation with him :dove::dove::pray:


Other parishioners cannot ban anyone. You have as much right to be at Mass as any other sinner there


I’m sorry, but most of this story is not making sense.

First of all, there is no problem with attending Mass and not going to Communion. People do this all the time. I have seen literally dozens of people staying in the pew especially at Latin masses and Spanish Masses in USA. No one seems to be bothered about it and no one would tell a person it was “inappropriate” since the person might well be in a state of mortal sin, might still be going through RCIA preparing for first communion, or might not even be Catholic.

Second, parishioners do not have a right to ban someone from Mass. Only the pastor can do that and it sounds like he has said you are allowed to attend Mass if you don’t get angry or cause a disturbance. Pastors normally only ban people from Mass if they are being disruptive, damaging the church property, committing some crime like stealing, or threatening other attendees. So there is no reason for you to stay away from Mass unless you cannot control your temper due to some mental illness or something.

Third, you need to go to Confession. You seem to be confused about how Confession works (if you forget sins, it doesn’t make the whole confession invalid, and God doesn’t refuse to accept your confession as long as you’re repentant). You need to talk to a priest to get these misperceptions of yours corrected.

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