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I am not yet a catholic, but am feeling comfortable enough to attend my first mass in the near future. EWTN has helped me somewhat, but I am not completely sure of what to expect. As a non-Catholic Christian, is there anywhere in particular I should sit? Is there any specific thing I should do when I attend? Lastly, should I cover my head? I see several ladies of the church wearing a sort of veil (not sure what else to call it, but it covers just their hair).

Thank you in advance for your help!

Oh! One more thing… there is a carmelite monastery near my home. Would I be better to attend it or the University Parish that’s a little further away? The town I live in is full of Catholic Churches. :slight_smile:

You can sit anywhere you want. You can go to any Catholic church. It’s all the same.

You can go to this website to find the nearest church:

You don’t have to cover your head as it’s your choice. The headcovering is called a mantilla or chapel veil.

These websites describe what goes on in a Mass:

You can genuflect or bow to reverence the Blessed Sacrament when entering the church. You also cannot receive Communion as a non-Catholic. You can stay in your seat.

Thank you for the information!! I love this site… so many nice people like you to help me find my way in this new direction.:love:

I will just add that while, yes, it’s the same Mass in all Catholic churches there are some that can have a definitely liberal leaning or traditional leaning. This is particularly true in certain areas for the country. I for one, would look for a traditional one. Since you are not Catholic this may be more difficult for you to determine. However, if you have been watching EWTN you might be quite surprised if you happen to walk into one of the more liberal ones. I would suggest that since you have many Catholic Churches in your area you might try several. Good luck!

The missalette, or the song book, should have the Order of the Mass in it. The missalette will have the readings for the day.

Additionally, while not an Order of the Mass, this link is quite cool- illustrating how much scripture is in the Mass.

This link also has the Order of the Mass.

This one is handy, as well.

By the way, welcome to the Catholic Church Ann Marie! :smiley:

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