Attending Mass

Is it ok to attend Saturday evening mass and Sunday morning, since they’re essentially the same?

Yes, we are obligated to attend mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation or the preceding evenings.

Yes! It is okay.

You can even receive communion both times.

You can actually recive communion twice in one day, so you could even go twice on Sunday!

Actually you can attend as many Masses as is physically and temporally possible to attend on Saturday evening and on Sunday. The only limits are on how many times you can receive communion. Now it wouldn’t be particularly prudent to try to cram in as many Masses as possible, for a variety of reasons.

But there are plenty of good reasons why one might want/need to attend several Masses that count for a given Sunday.

Yes! There are no laws or rules limiting the number of times you may assist at Mass. There are, however, rules that govern how many times you can receive Holy Communion on the same day.

Go as much as you want.


And how many is that, just curious?

OK, but I do not claim to be an expert on this matter. Anyway here goes:

  1. You may receive Holy Communion once on any day, during or outside of Mass;

  2. You may receive Holy Communion a second time on the same day but only during the celebration of Mass (you could receive a second time outside of Mass but only as Viatcum);

  3. You cannot ordinarily receive Holy Communion a third time, except as Viaticum (providing your first or second Communion of the day wasn’t Viaticum).

Thus you only normally receive Holy Communion once per day. You may in certain circumstances (during Mass or as Viaticum) receive a second time. In very exceptional circumstances you may receive a third time (only as Viaticum). You cannot receive more than three times in a day.

A complication arises if you want to define a day. There have been several discussions on this forum about what constitutes a day for this purpose. Does the term ‘day’, for the purpose of counting your number of Communions, mean a calendar day (24 hours: midnight-midnight) or a liturgical day. For most days (feasts, memorials, ferias) there is no difference; the liturgical day and calendar run concurrently. The problem arises when a liturgical day begins on the evening of the previous calendar day (Sundays, solemnities, feasts of the Lord in the General Roman Calendar celebrated on a Sunday). So far I haven’t seen a concensus of opinion on the matter.

There are also several other periods to consider. On Holy (Maundy) Thursday, you can only receive Holy Communion during Mass, except you can receive outside of Mass as Communion of the Sick or as Viaticum. On Good Friday, you can receive Holy Communion during the Liturgy of the Lord’s Passion or outside this Liturgy as Communion of the Sick or as Viaticum. On Holy Saturday, before the Paschal Vigil, Holy Communion can only be received as Viaticum.

I hope this helps to answer your question.

the are the same, not essentially the same.
You can attend any Mass any time you want? Why would it not be okay?
If in your diocese Saturday evening Mass fills the Sunday obligation there is NO reason it doesn’t. Why is this question even asked, and why so often? Why is it an issue? Do you really think parishes and dioceses would provide this Mass and publish it if it did not meet the obligation. Is there some reason you think it might not be okay, as in, has somebody been giving you confusing or wrong information?

It does thanks.

You’re welcome. Glad I could help.

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