Attending My (Possibly) Fallaway Catholic Cousin's Wedding Tomorrow - Morally Permissible?


Hi guys!

I am attending my cousin’s wedding tomorrow, and I have no way of not going.
I found out this afternoon that she was most likely baptized and raised Catholic, but she is getting married at a hotel. Am I morally allowed to attend the wedding? Thank you!


Since you have “no way of not going” – I take it you’re going with family? – then it’s not an issue. And you don’t seem to be certain, anyway, that she’s Catholic.


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You haven’t really given us any info except she isn’t a practicing Catholic and the wedding is at a hotel. It probably would cause more problems with the family if you didn’t go. You didn’t give any info on who she is marrying.


Go too the wedding and enjoy your family.


Since you have not presented a reason that would present a moral issue, it would appear to be morally permissible.

Problems arise when you know with moral certainty the individual is Catholic, where the conditions of the ceremony in some are conflict with the Church’s laws, and your attendance would result in scandal.



It’s either that or sit home like an overscrupulous over-pious judging cousin.


Unless you’re being physically forced, you can choose not to go.

If it is possible to do so without giving offense, determine if your cousin was baptized as a Catholic. If you become morally certain that she was, you should not attend, for such would appear to give support to sacrilege and fornication.

If you cannot determine the truth with moral certainty, you should presume that the marriage is valid and that your attendance is thus licit.

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