Attending services at a different parish

When I visit a different parish on a given week (I plan on attending TLM Mass at a different parish once a month or so), who should get my offering for that week?

Also - if I were to decide to join a completely different local parish, would I have myself removed from the first church’s census and join the second church? Or would I stay on the first church’s census and just attend the second church? If the latter, who would get my weekly offering?

I go to a TLM every week but we are not considered a parish. While I give them an offering, I still give an offering to the parish where I am registered because that’s where my kids go. Our bishop has said that if we go to the TLM, we should still support our parish.

If you were to change Parishes completely, I would think you should remove yourself from the first Parish’s census and register with the second. This way they both ahve accurate records. And of course if you move to the second parish exclusively, they should get your weekly offering…

As for if you only go to the second parish once a month for TLM, maybe split the offering for that week. If you normally give $20 in your weekly offering, maybe give $10 to the TLM and the other $10 to your regular parish for that week.

I have a question

Are all children considered parisoniers?
If so what happens if the children go to another parish?
(especally like college students, who aren’t contributing to the parish and most likely won’t return to it)

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