Attending SSPX Chapels as of 2020

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Is it ok to attend Mass at SSPX Chapels as of 2020? Has their status changed? I really want to attend Mass at their new head chapel in St. Mary’s Kansas when it’s finished. It is supposed to be beautiful. I am sympathetic to Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre as I think he was misunderstood but I don’t think he went about doing things the right way. . . . Still, . . . when I go to Latin Mass I usually go to my local FSSP church. I am in no way a schismatic in my beliefs.

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Yes you can.


@ConcernedConvert Thank you

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Here is a pretty good summary by Tim Staples.


This topic has been discussed multiple times if you run a search. The SSPX is still in an irregular state with Rome.


I just addressed this on another thread, but while SSPX Masses likely fulfill the Sunday obligation in most circumstances, whether a Catholic can attend SSPX Masses and whether they should are two separate questions.

My personal advice is to keep going to your FSSP chapel, but maybe this is a question best-suited for your local priest or bishop.

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Is there a reason someone shouldnt? They fulfill the obligation, follow a traditional and approved mass, and are very orthodox.


Some would say that because they are in an irregular situation — in most cases they operate without the permission of the diocesan bishop, and set up chapels in that bishop’s territory without having been invited — they are to be shunned. There is a far weaker case for this, than in times past, as Rome has given permission for them to confer all seven sacraments, though there is a special case regarding matrimony — the SSPX has to contact the local ordinary to ask for faculties first.

I would go to the SSPX without scruple, if circumstances called for it.


Is there a reason someone shouldnt? They fulfill the obligation, follow a traditional and approved mass, and are very orthodox.

Because they are not in full communion with the Church.

They are “orthodox” in the sense that, aside from their disagreement with the Church over Vatican II, they seem doctrinally sound and are fervent defenders of the Faith against modern errors (i.e. modernism).

However, they also seem to have forgotten about the primacy of the Papacy. . . .

I respect their devotion to the Traditional Latin Mass, but I don’t see how that mandates refusal to submit to the Roman Pontiff. If the FSSP can do it, why can’t the SSPX?

This is why I say that while Catholics technically can attend their Masses, it’s best not to in most circumstances.


Short answer: Bad idea.

When you draw your last breath - maybe tonight - you will answer for your obedience and not for how beautiful the Cathedral or the mass is.

Yes it sure looks like it will be. When is it supposed to be finished?



I can understand where your coming from. I can also understand their concerns. I’m not saying discouraging people from attending a NO mass is a good thing, but I can understand some of where they are coming from.

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Obedience to what? On the one hand you have the pope and modern bishops who we are supposed to obey. On the other you have the traditions and Magisterium of the church throughout history. They do not always line up?


So can I, to an extent. I just don’t agree with their approach.

Of course, I am somewhat spoiled. I have access to a very reverent OF Mass in my area with Latin and chant. I recognize some OF Masses may not be said very reverently, but that alone does not justify attendance at SSPX Masses.

Maybe not… what about masses where heresy is blatantly preached? (I know this is an extreme) but we have evidence of this occurring throughout several dioceses throughout the world. That’s not taking into account (minor) abuses that occur at many other NO parishes.

I too am spoiled with an awesome NO parish. Sadly it is the only one out of 4-5 in the area that is truly orthodox. And even it has some abuses that occur.


Obviously I would not recommend attending Mass at a parish that openly preaches heresy, but these are few and far between. And in such cases, the laity would usually have recourse to their Bishop if some heresy is truly being spewed.

You can also always go to another parish if it’s that bad.

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I wish they were fewer than they are.


And the question specifies 2020.

Deo gratias the current and previous pope doesn’t share your view of them.

“a group that claims to be Catholic”

Really ? Perhaps we should inform BXVI those three priests he reffered to as bishops might not set well with some of the laity :smirk:


Do you even attempt to keep up with the current relationship between the SSPX and Pope Francis ?

Please read this.

You should read it as well.

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