Attending two masses in a day...special circumstances?


I have read quite a bit on this subject but nothing has completely answered my question so I will ask it here. I serve at a certain mass once a month because I am on a rotation to help with a children’s ministry. On the week that I do this we attend this mass as a family since my young child has special needs and we can’t attend a mass alone. We are planning to attend this mass in a few weeks, but we just found out that my husband has to also attend another mass later that evening because he is being commissioned for a ministry during that mass. In order for me to serve in the morning we all have to go, and want to support him with his new ministry by attending the commissioning mass that evening but I am not sure of we can do both. I just don’t want to do the wrong thing.:confused:


Yes. Canon law permits 2 on a sunday excluding the saturday-for-sunday Mass. So you can go on saturday morning to saturday Mass and saturday evening to sunday Mass and sunday morning to sunday mass and sunday evening to sunday Mass and tske communion 4 times. Not to be standard practice but for good reason and yours more than good enough.


See that link.

You can attend as many more Masses as you like. That limit is for takin communion only.


You can attend as many masses as you like on any given day.

You can receive Holy Communion twice in one day if the second time is at Mass.


Thanks for your replies. Stephen, thanks for the link.


If you need references to original Vatican documents to defend this position come back & I will find them… but here goes.

You can attend the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass as often as you want.

You may be intending to ask about receiving Holy Communion on more than one occasion in a day:
That’s a totally different story.

You should normally only receive the Blessed Sacrament once per day.
It is permissible to receive a second time for just cause, but only in the context of the Mass (i.e. you may not receive a second time at a Communion Service which is not a Mass, after you have already received at Mass - e.g. when a minister brings Holy Communion to your House to give to a sick relative or spouse… but you could receive then and later receive again at Mass if you had not previously communicated.)

A Priest is the only exception to the twice a day rule: He may receive special permission to say Mass more than twice per day but needs that special permission from his Bishop. This is only granted because he MUST receive Holy Communion for the Mass to be valid.

If you wish to attend more than one Mass for the reasons you describe, then for a maximum of 2 times in a liturgical day you may receive Holy Communion, provided you are in a state of Grace.

If you are not in a state of Grace, you should not receive the Blessed Sacrament - Go to Confession first. Normally this requires that you do so on the Saturday as that’s when most parishes have scheduled confession times. Don’t try to “grab the priest” just before Mass - that’s not OK on a Sunday - unless by prior agreement.

If your Husband it to receive a special commissioning It would be a good thing to do to make a special effort to go to the scheduled confession as a family that week even if you don’t normally do that.

I hope this answers your questions.


Note that a liturgical day is defined as midnight to midnight.


[quote="1ke, post:4, topic:328118"]
You can attend as many masses as you like on any given day.

You can receive Holy Communion twice in one day if the second time is at Mass.


Little clarification. At a Mass one participates in (as opposed to say --walking through the Church at Communion etc)

(and of course if one is can even receive viaticum after the other two)



Nothing wrong about attending Mass more than once a day. On Sundays and solemn days I try to attend as many Masses as my parish offers, but yes: Communion limited to twice a day.


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